Weekend Wardrobe Goes Downtown

I have to tell you, this “Weekend Wardrobe Post”  is by far my favorite!  My boyfriend and I went downtown and I had so much fun taking pictures of all the old buildings, store fronts and the Intracoastal Waterway.  I noticed things I never did before just because I was looking for interesting things to snap.  Rustic signs hanging on crumbling brick facades, century old bars and historical markings.  Not to mention the antique stores and the colossal spanish style mansions.  I could walk for hours just looking at those circa 1800 houses.  It’s like walking through a Jane Austen novel, except you’re in the US and not among rolling hills! And through my mini treasure hunt, I found time to take pictures (well, my boyfriend did!) of my outfit.  Hard when all I wanted to do was get an ice tea and sit for hours reading “Angel of Darkness” in an old bookstore.  But, seeing as I was out and about I relished in the opportunity to make a post out of my downtown adventure! Check it out:

Top: Urban Outfitters
Bottom: Free People Denim
Shoes: Pair of old Boat Shoes
Bag: Vintage
Jewelry: Combo Vintage and Modern

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