I Heart Vintage Tees

If there is one thing that I would never tire of and could never give up wearing, it would be the Vintage Tee.  I know that may sound unusual and by no means extravagant, but a good tee is a very hard thing to find.  What do I mean by “good tee” you ask?  Well, I mean quality and lifespan.  What makes a vintage tee, say from the 70s and 80s, such a special and vyed for item, besides their awesome prints, is their construction and fit.  They were usually made from basic cotton, which is nothing special, but the way in which they were stitched and cared for during the construction process made for tees that would last for 20 plus years and outlast new attire.  Their fit is primo and I guarantee you will not find any shirt today that will fit your shape better than a vintage tee. I don’t know how it was done, but the sleeves match perfectly with the shoulder and pit and they’re form fitting without making you feel like you’re suffocating! AND any girl looks totally hot in a men’s vintage tee with cutoffs! The men’s tee were cut slim so it doesn’t look baggy at all on us ladies!

Plus, their prints are so fun! Full of bright colors, with my favorite being that famous mix of oranges and yellows from the 70s, and comical innuendos I could sport a vintage tee everyday and never get bored. Now, I could go on all day about why I love vintage tees so much, but it all really boils down to the fact that they have character and I just love the way the fit.  They are totally unique and rival any prints of modern tees. Why do you think Urban uses so many vintage inspired prints from the 70s and 80s on their tees? Because they are just that awesome!

A few of mine:

A Few of Yours:

I love this adorable 80s bubblegum pink tee featuring a faded red, black and blue “Myrtle Beach Tanning Club” print from NastyGal! I used to vacation to Myrtle Beach with my family when I was kid, so you can imagine how psyched I was when I discovered this tee! Plus, I love club shirts! Sort of has a “Saved By the Bell” feel to it doesn’t it? How cute would this look over you’re bikini with some vintage cutoffs and sandals! Features a ribbed crew neckline and has a shrunken fit.

How cute is the vintage Queen Elizabeth 2 Cruise Tee from TheGildedYouth?  I was totally drawn to this beige, soft cotton tee by it’s bright hawaiian-esque colors. It screams 70s to me! Which is my favorite vintage tee era! I love the baseball tee effect used on tees of the 70s and every tee I’ve encountered from the decade has been in top notch condition! Just like this one! (BTW ladies, there is no shame in wearing men’s tees! They are super sexy paired with cutoffs!)

I would buy this vintage tee just for the fact that it has ducks on it! I don’t know what it is about the t-shirts from the 80s and ducks, or any animal, but I can’t resist them. They’re just so comical and remind me of all the sweet tees from “Dazed and Confused!” I realize that was set in the 70s, but you get where I’m going with this! This vintage Duck Tee, from VonlenskaVintage, is in perfect vintage condition.  Besides the awesome graphic, this crew neck tee is 100% cotton and soft to the touch.  Perfect with cutoffs, skinny jeans or under a big grandpa cardi!

Mountains. Skiing (though I prefer snowboarding). Sunset colors.  The perfect combination for one killer vintage t-shirt! This like-new vintage Snowbasin Tee from RetroEra is the perfect example of a 1970s tee! Ribbed, thick crew neck, cotton, a screen print that would make a passerby wish they were wearing sunglasses and that classic beige 70s color.  Almost makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Can’t you see Donna from “That 70s Show” wearing this with her high-waisted denim?

BASEBALL TEE!! Can you tell how excited I am! I love these!  They have great construction, which make for a perfect fit. They’re super soft with a defined collar and sleeve in that quintessential 70s color…beige.  And no, beige is not boring people! It’s 70s 80s specific and it’s shade represents those eras. Pretty cool you can tell a tee is vintage just by its color! And this Vintage 70s Dodger Little League Tee (in beige!) from VonlenskaVintage is in good condition and is ready to be put in the game!

This vintage tee would match perfectly with a vintage yacht sweater that I own! Of course they would totally blend together because they’re both dark blue, but who cares, they would be like peas and carrots! As you can guess, this vintage Yachting Tee from Lightwitch holds another obsession of mine.  Nautical. Like the ducks, I can’t figure it out, but when I see a tee with boats or anything nautical I immediately fall in love with it.  In great condition, this bright blue tee would be super cute paired with some white sailor shorts and your deck friendly Keds!

Is it bad that I used this shop’s tees 3 times? VonlensakVintage has such amazing vintage tees and I can’t help it! How do you not love this vintage fishing tee? It makes me chuckle when I look at it! Now that’s a quality tee! Vintage 70s light tan short sleeve graphic novelty printed jersey tee shirt with both front and back graphics of a slimy, thrashing grub bait with “Bite My Tail” along the bottom for the fishing accessories manufacturer Mister Twister. In excellent vintage condition. Super soft and comfy.
Who doesn’t like Bob Dylan? And as such, how would you deny this vintage Bob Dylan tee from WayfarerVintage? A sleeveless, light blue cotton tee I would sport this to any rock concert or just out for the day with my friends.  That’s what I love about it…multi-functional.  And in this economy, this quality is an essential! In great condition, this vintage tee should be posted soon to this vintage seller’s site! 

Now even though this tee is not vintage, this vintage inspired tee would be up there on my to buy list! This tee I could see living in the 70s! Here’s what the seller, HappyFamily, has to say: This tee is for all of the bike geeks out there. 100% cotton. Soft feel, non-toxic inks were used in the printing of this garment. All of our items can be washed and dried and worn over and over to give them the extra softness and style you deserve!

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