Turbans: My New Summer Must Have

As I was surfing the web earlier today looking for inspiration, I stumbled upon a old fashion trend come anew that I had nearly forgotten about.  The Turban, a 70s inspired hair accessory.  The updated, more mature version of the juvenile headband.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved headbands when they were in trend, but as I grow older, my fashion sense is growing too.  While I can get away with wearing a floral, hippie styled, wear it across you’re forehead headband (I’m only 26! Still young!), I find that I want to update that style to the thicker, more stylish Turban.  (I used to be a Store Manager at Free People, so I got over the headband phase really quick! Plus, when you’re fashionable 19 year old employee is wearing them all the time, you want to update your style real quick so to not be compared to a teen!)

The Turban, to me, is versatile.  It can be sophisticated and elegant, as many stars such as Selma Hayek and Sarah Jessica Parker have been seen sporting them to Award Shows. Or it can be Downtown, relaxed and hip, as our star hippie twins, the Olsens, love to wear them.  Now, I much prefer the later, but if I was in need of something to add a bit of eclecticism to my dressed up self, I would totally grab for a bright colored turban. I always love to be able to mix things up and catch people off their guard.

With its mysterious, middle eastern structure, turbans are my new accessory! (They’ve probably been yours for a while, but I’m a little of a late bloomer!) I have to say though, that I don’t think that I could pull off the taller or more voluminous turbans (such as the gold one to my right). My turban of choice would most likely have to be similar to that of the first photo from designer Vena Cava or the more subdued, conformed black one from Jason Wu.  I love the open effect of the former, as it is just a modified version of a headband (so sleek) and Wu’s reminds me of a uber-fabulous sister of the beanie, which I wear in the winter at all times! Speaking of which, you could wear Turbans no matter the weather! Oh, I love it! I swear, this discovery just keeps getting better and better!  Check out some of the Turbans I happened to stumble upon:

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From the Stores
Nasty Gal Urban ModCloth
Spanish Moss Asos Anthropologie
Heavy Metal Stud Turban

From You!
EllecRevolution Just Liv BlueBirdsFly

“Summer Love Turban”

What the Seller Says:

Amazing for bad hair days, the very trendy and bold, this turban head band is a one size fits all! has an elastic band in the back allowing a snug but comfortable fit whether your hair is up or down!

“Knit Turban”

What the Seller Says:

Turbans are the perfect accessory for Summer!
Comfy, trendy and oh so cool! One Size fits most!



What the Seller Says:

Gotta love polka dots. This turban headband is super soft and stretchy. Wear it around town or to the beach. Perfect on bad hair days. Wear the knot in the centre for a more urban look, or slightly to the side for the “rockabilly” retro look. Adorable.

MademoiselleMermaid LeilanniLand ThiefandBandit
  “Velvet Lover’s Turban”

What the Seller Says:

One part exotic, one part glam…this handmade fashion turban is all parts show-stopping style!!Keep your locks in fabulous condition and under wraps, in a gorgeous aqua blue tie-dye…A luxurious, silky smooth fabric that is as fun to touch as it is to wear!

“Turban Headband”

What the Seller Says:

The perfect addition to any outfit!
Easy to wear, stretchy turban headband. Wear it with the knot in the front or the back.
It fits all sizes!

“Hand Printed Turban”
HandmadeWhat the Seller Says:

We are super excited about these
Turban Headbands! This particular headband
is hand printed with white non-toxic/water based ink on organic medium weight black jersey.
It is perfect for that exotic gypsy look or just to hide a bad hair day! Elastic is sewn strongly into the back…super secure and wont budge!

BetaBoutique RemainsoftheDay VioletVille

“40s Style Turban”

What the Seller Says:

~ High quality modern looking vintage piece
~ Has firm shape with lining
~ Would fit medium size
Condition: very good vintage
Materials: polyester

“Vintage 60’s Turban Wrap”
What the Seller Says:

This little hat is made of navy and white shiny synthetic fabric strips draped and wrapped over a medium weight(but not stiff) mesh. the bottom edge has a light gauge wire for moderate shaping.

“Glam 60s/70s Knit Turban”

What the Seller Says:

Glamorous vintage 60s-70s green wool knit turban hat!
Fabulous green wool knit
Wrap design
Hand made of exceptional quality
So gorgeous!
Flapper chic!


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