A Saturday Night Outfit

Let me just start by saying that I am no model and no photographer!  Only proven by the fact that when my boyfriend went to take these silly pics, we realized that our camera was dead and so we had to rely on his trusty dusty Droid to take pictures with!  But, considering that the pics of me were taken with a cell phone, I say the actual quality of them came out fairly well.  With that said, I’ve always seen some of my favorite blogs post their fun vintage or vintage-inspired outfits, so I thought that I would try it myself!  Seeing as I NEVER get ready, I though Saturday night was perfect for this endeavor since my boyfriend and I were heading out for drinks, food, and MINI GOLF!  Yes, Mini Golf!  (Try it!  Totally makes you feel like a kid again!)  Also,  if you happen to be around Wilmington and its beaches, you need to Google ‘Ocean Grill and Tiki Bar’ and set your GPS to GO! Amazing food and drinks and the best part about this restaurant is that it has a pier in the back with a colorful Tiki Bar where you can sit, drink, and exit right onto the beach.  How awesome is that?

Now, before this becomes a diary entry about my Saturday night, let me get back to the original point! My  outfit! Take a look and tell me what you think!

::Chuckling with sarcasm:: I’m sure you’re asking yourself right now, “What is she wearing!? It’s so amazing!”  To which I would have to reply, “Why, thank you!  I do my only my best!”  Oh what it is to live in such an enchanting dream! But, to cure those of curiosity who have made it this far, I will tell you.  The outfit itself is really super simple.  The tunic is actually from a J. Crew Outlet store in the Tanger Outlets, which my Mom luckily took me to when visiting!  I got it for only $21.50!  Crazy sale!  The woven thick belt is from an Urban Outfitters in NYC I got about 5yrs ago…not quite vintage yet!  The shoes, my favorite Docksiders! An essential for the beach! My sunglasses are from a little surf shop/restaurant where I live called ‘The Surf House,’ which is another one you need to look up if you are ever in the area! Delicious sandwiches and a great variety of brews! Oh yeah, and being the sweet toothed lady I am, I have to also say that if you love cupcakes and cake, the this would be a good place to order them!

Back to my sunglasses though! Aren’t they awesome? They are a brand called ‘Raen‘ and besides their unique styles, their quality lenses are perfect for keeping harsh rays out of your eyes while your reading on the beach. (I might have to do a post about them!) Now, my jewels, my jewels are my life.  That is, I would probably cry if I lost a couple of them!  The silver Navajo bracelet is a heirloom that my grandfather gave to my mom and my mom then gave to me.  My mom’s side of the family has Native American in it, I’m fairly certain Cherokee, and while on a reservation, my Grandfather picked this up for my mom.  Now, want to hear a cool story?  My great great (maybe great) grandmother was a Cherokee Indian and apparently fell madly in love with a white man.  This of course would be forbidden within the tribe, but it wouldn’t be a crime if kept secret.  The problem came when she got pregnant.  This would obviously not have been tolerated and as a result, she was banned and cast out from her tribe.  Brutal, huh?  But all was not lost as her and her lover stayed together, married and started there own family.  Eventually, I would come along.  And that’s why the bracelet is so important to me.  I know it’s not hers, but it is a symbol of her and my lineage.  And I like to think that I have some of her in me.

Back to the jewels! I’m sorry! I just get going sometimes!  The turquoise ring was a gift from my Stepdad and has crazy sentimental value.  The Amber bracelet I purchased when I worked at Free People and its a handmade bracelet with a massive chunk of Amber.  I’m totally in love with it. The hemp bracelet is just a little handmade thing that I never take off and I purchased at a street fair when I lived in NYC.  The necklace, I don’t remember what it is, but it’s another Free People purchase! This is what happens when you work at a retail store! You end up buying most of your wardrobe from them!

So, how’d you like my first official attempt at a “What I Wore” post?  I know it was lengthy and filled with unprofessional pics, but hey, it was me and that’s how I do things!  Wonder what I’ll come up with next!

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  • J.Crabbit

    I know nothing about fashion, so i will assume that your outfit is cool. The tiki bar looks really fun, and although my clothing fashion knowledge is a 0 I do know what a Mojito is supposed to look like, and that one is great! I DO like the sunglasses, and again with jewlery, Funny my favorite piece is the one that you got at a street fair.