A Collection of Vintage Superstars

I think the title totally says it with this one and needs no detailed explanation!  I put together, in my opinion, a pretty solid and may I say, KICK ASS collection of superb vintage shops!  These are some of my absolute favorites, all for a very specific reason: they stay true to themselves.  Not only that, but they all stick to what they are good at; which you will come to understand as you read what I love individually about each one.  So, enough of this chatter!  Get to digging! I think you are going to find some keepers in this batch of “my favorite” sellers!

I adore this super sweet vintage Ebay store! My favorite thing about them?  Amazingly hand-picked adorable dresses; one better than the next!  The definition of fun, outlined in bright colors and boldly underlined with a Boho pen!   You can definitely understand who these sellers are just by looking through all their picks.  Now, I never usually do this, but I love the way they describe their store and thought I should share it with you: At When Decades Collide, we are two sisters that are head over heels in love with EVERYTHING vintage!!! We hand-select pieces we adore from sources all across Southern California. We are smitten with everything from the beachy boho glam of the 60’s to the minimalist muted 90’s. I’ll be surprised if you haven’t already clicked on their banner!

Never in short supply of anything cute and vintage, The Kissing Tree Vintage is another Ebay favorite of mine!  Founded in 2010 KTV seems to have established a definite and permanent spot in the Vintage world with a wide range of items from the 50s-90s.  I really adore the fact that this shop has continued to surprise me with top quality vintage picks and, as mentioned, has never let its store be empty and ALWAYS has a multitude of vintage for the buyer to choose from.  Things they love : Florals. Polka Dots. High waisted skirts. Lace. Knee-high socks. Sequins. Party dresses. Rompers. More florals. Jumpsuits. Stripes. Prints. If you love any of that, then this might be the shop for you!

Santoki Vintage, an Austin based Etsy store, is one of my ABSOLUTE go-to stores for amazing vintage footwear!  Carrying some of the best vintage footwear from sandals to boots I’ve seen, this store has became a fast favorite of mine.  Their taste in vintage shoes is flawless without a doubt, but the condition of the shoes is what really makes then stand out.  Providing you with pictures of every angle, Santoki puts their customer’s minds to rest.  What you see is what you get! They are also constantly adding new items all the time and for someone like me who is always on the lookout that is definitely a plus.  They also carry some superb vintage clothing which may not come in such an abundance as their footwear, but nonetheless still are noteworthy.  Check them out before you run around crazy looking for a perfect shoe!

Jewelry Designs by Mona Abraham, an Etsy shop, is a very recent find of mine.  Actually, I can’t even take credit for finding it as the shop owner was the one to contact me via Facebook about it! And how happy I am that she did! I adore the whimsical and effortless nature of her handmade jewelry, many of which are crafted with vintage pieces.  I can just picture her romantic and dreamy beaded necklaces  being worn around the necks of women during the 20s and 30s; as they hold such an aged and mature value within their beaded and charmed chains.  Her art form and the way in which she so carefully constructs each individual piece is really just beautiful, ethereal even.  You can really see the love that she puts into her handmade gems and I’m sure that as a buyer, I would feel more than happy with a purchase from Mona Abraham.

If you are in the market for a stunning and unique vintage bag then look no further than Dandelion Daydreamer!  This Etsy shop, based out of France, holds a plethora of amazing vintage leather bags.  It’s enough to make your knees weak and heart skip like it did the first time you kissed a boy! Yes, it’s that good.  Run by an Irish chikadee who hand selects all of her beautiful vintage, Dandelion’s selection of bags ranges from your handy dandy hand bag to your business satchel to your travel luggage; which no doubt screams to be used for travels outside of your home country!  Honestly, if you asked me, I wouldn’t know which one to buy as all of their beautiful, stretched and worn leather seem to all scream at me! Dramatic, I know.  But, this is my weakness.  A good leather bag.  And while the bags, to me, are my favorite part about this shop, mind you that Dandelion does carry a fine selection of vintage dresses.  But, unfortunately, the bags tend to block this out and I find myself salivating over my computer at them! Check it out and you’ll see what I mean!

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