Vintage and Vintage and Vintage, Oh My!

I am happy to present to you, my lovely readers, another post about some of my favorite vintage online shops!  Again, I got such great feedback that I couldn’t deny you the knowledge of some seriously amazing shops to scavenge for vintage! What kind of selfish person would that make me if I didn’t share this information?  Isn’t one supposed to share their knowledge with others!  Imagine how lost we would all be if our teachers and confidants didn’t share?  Still curled up in a fetal position under our mother’s feet, that’s where!  And besides, why would I make my fabulous readers have to dig through Cyberland and try to painstakingly find quality vintage when I already did? Ridiculous! I love you all…so in all heartfelt sincerity, thank you for taking your time out of your busy days to stop by and as a wee little gift of gratitude, here are some of my favorite vintage shops for your vintage loving heart…

I adore BrownBagVintage, a cute Etsy shop that offers its shoppers everything vintage from tops to accessories! Beginning its journey in Los Angeles, shop owner Michelle Delgado, has been an Etsy seller since 2008! When Michelle isn’t digging for her newest vintage finds, she is actually working for Etsy on their support team in Dumbo. And as she says, “…I’m very much looking forward to helping folks with all their thises and thats!”  Awesome!  Now, the hardest part about Delgado’s cute store, choosing just ONE  item! With so many cute dresses and tops to choose from it can be quite the challenge! Good Luck!

Nullify Anew Vintage has been a favorite Etsy shop of mine since I started filling my nights with hour long searches for top notch vintage!  Carrying vintage from the 40’s-90’s, NAV prides itself on providing its customer with a range of vintage clothing.  Meaning, essentially, that any vintage lover of any style will be able to stop by and find a unique piece they cannot live without.  And seeing that I pretty much go for every kind of style there is, I’d say that mission statement was proven right!  My favorite part: The Dresses!! So many awesome styles and prints! What’s better than that is the fact that many of their vintage finds are truly one of a kind pieces (as they) are redesigned, sewn, and reborn into a brand new style all their own. Sounds awesome, right? Pretty much! This shop is a no brainer!

  Next to Tin Roof Vintage, Thriftwares and NoirOhio, is perhaps one my favorite shops on Ebay!  I have never once visited this store and not found a vintage piece that I didn’t want to Twitter and check my bank account for! Every hand selected item seems special, as if this store went to the Vintage Gods and asked them to provide them with the Utopia of Vintage clothing.  Every item stands out, has a distinct personality and is definitive of the girl who picks it up.  Absoloutly special this store is; taking the time, the care, and the effort to only pick those items which define their store. And what is that definition you ask? A fashion forward, green alternative to the ever globalizing, mass produced mall brands and a unique and affordable alternative to modern couture and designer labels.  I think that says it all.

I am obsessed with ThriftWares, an Ebay based Vintage store.  Maintaining since 2004 that they “offer the finest selection on the face of the earth for fashion forward vintage clothing,” I would have to say that after combing through their vast selection, I would have to agree!  Thriftwares offers some of the most delicate, beautiful, and unique clothing that I have seen.  Their specialty seeming to be the bohemian, boho look; with laced, sheer dresses, oversized ethnic sweaters and floral printed mini dresses.  Delicious! I am so excited to see what they find next!

Sparkling Lotus Design is a new find for me and while the store isn’t packed with jewelry as of now, the things they do have are actually very lovely.  If you like stones, then you might find a couple of items here that you will adore, as I certainly have.  Some of the jewelry that you will find at SLD are handmade creations by its owner who contends that her store has been the result of (her) compulsion to create in (her) spare time. And while she does carry vintage jewelry, she hopes that her customers will find some inspiration in her personal jewelry.   I guess you’ll have to stop by and see if that is the case!

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