Owning My Boho Grunge Style… 5

Do you have that ONE style? That one style that you keep going back to time and time again no matter how hard you try and break free and try the latest and greatest trend? Well, I do and I am finding that the older I get, the more I tend to resort to this fashionable and comfortable second skin! A skin that I can whip on at a minutes notice, knowing full heartedly that if I follow its simple rules that I don’t even need to double check my style choices in the mirror before I rush out the door. What is this style that apparently is so fool proof that it fills me with such an air of confidence? Easy. I call it Boho Grunge. A.K.A an oversized tunic paired with a slouchy boho bag, black boots (b.c lets face it, they go with everything), chunky jewelry, and some sort of hat that keeps my unwashed mane under wraps! I know. I know. You’ve seen it before! In like every ad from Urban Outfitters and Free People (whom I worked for by the way!), but lets face it…It looks good, it’s easy, and for someone who moves around as much as I do, it’s extremely comfortable. Of course, I’ll admit, I’ve had my fair share of laced bohemian dresses and, unfortunately, even a few preppy polos, but, nonetheless, I have still managed to find a way to work in a black fedora and a pair of worn in vintage moto boots. So, I’m giving in. I’m embracing my chosen style and owning it for what it is. A little bit of that and a little bit of this:

one. Four Winds Navajo Ring by Child of Wild
two. Handmade Black Leather Hobo by StellaandLori
three. Vintage Turquoise Ring by MindiLynJewelry
four. Grosgrain Porkpie Hat by Urban Outfitters
five. Vintage Leather Boots by PersephoneVintage
six. Dreamcatcher Necklace by BohoTribeCo
seven. Oversized T-Shirt Dress by Babooshka

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