Living Jewelry

We all love our accessories. Whether it be our rings, necklaces, or that delicately worn Italian leather duffel that you are obsessed with, our accessories are our pieces of iconography. An extension of ourselves that defines not only our sense of taste, but who we are as individuals. Not to get all philosophical on you, but you have to agree that every accessory you own represents a part of who you are.  Your vintage moto boots speak to the edgier you, the one who isn’t afraid to take chances and live each day to the fullest. The turquoise stone ring you picked up at a random street festival, represents the more whimsical you. The part of you that gets lost in a book easily, or finds itself comfortably sitting queitly in a field, resting in a bed of flowers, with not a care in the world. And your simple black pumps representing the more traditional you found at the office or a proper dinner party. So, you can see why the very multi-faceted you needs those 25 bags, 50 pairs of shoes, and that growing pyramid of jewelry! Or atleast that’s what you can tell your significant other when they roll their eyes at you when you purchase yet another pair of boots!
So, being that we have established why we are so obsessed with accessories and why we desperately need them in our lives, I think its rather fitting that I indulge you in my latest accessory obsession! Living jewelry! I know, that sounds weird, but being that I love nature and anything having to do with being outside, I thought it rather fitting that my jewelry should reflect that. Check out what I discovered via the fabulous sellers on Etsy:

`Row 1:
1. Botanical Green Leaf Ring by Beauty Spot by BeautySpot…2. Moss Terrarium Ring by JensBackyard…3. Dandelion Ring by BuleShining

Row 2:
1. Botanical Amber Earrings by AlgizStudio…2. Natural Plant Resin Earrings by Agnera…3. Real Moss Earrings by SomeMagic

Row 3:
1. Real Moss Necklace by SomeMagic…2. Moth Necklace by Boele…3. Living Jewelry Copper Planter Necklace by Copperhead

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