A Mid-Century Modern Mission

Attempting to fill an empty house can be somewhat overwhelming especially when you have to start fresh. That is, you find yourself excitedly moving into your first home and realize that all the furniture from your previous rental was your landlords. Which is EXACTLY where I find myself. And so now begins the tedious search for the PERFECT pieces of furniture not only to fit within a tight budget, but to fit my lifestyle and taste. Which I thought would be a rather easy task, but seeing as I found a deep love for mid-century modern furniture, it has been come more of a pain in the tuchus! Not only can the price of this style be INSANELY expensive, but being that I live at the beach, it’s not exactly a style I would deem as popular!  So, that being said, I find myself on a journey to seek out and find those delectable pieces of iconography to dress my bare concrete floors! And, of course, where do I find myself starting? ETSY! Because, why not!? Even if it is only for some amazing ideas…..

1st Row:
1. Handcrafted Mid-Century Modern Accent Chair by DonyaCovella…2. Handmade Mid-Century Solid Wood Walnut Sofa by WakeTheTree…3. Vintage Mid-Century Modern Floating Desk by QuinnVintageandFound…4. Mid-Century Modern Inspired Walnut Bench by moderncre8ve

2nd Row:
1. Handmade Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table by WakeTheTree…2. Vintage Mid-Century Modern Credenza by DejaVuLB…3. Vintage Danish Mid-Century Modern Modular Wall Unit by SacoandNova…4. Handmade Mid-Century Modern Walnut Side Tables by moderncre8ve

3rd Row:
1. Handcrafted Mid-Century Modern Rene Linjer Bed by RSWDfurniture…2. Mid-Century Modern Inspired Walnut Floor Lamp by moderncre8ve…3. Mid-Century Modern Inspired Clock by CoMod…4. Mid-Century Modern Art Fish by Jetsetretrodesign

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