Ready for Sweater Weather

Fall is finally upon us and if you’ve ready any of my past posts you would know that Fall is perhaps one of my all time favorite seasons. The changing leaves, the cooling temperatures and perhaps my favorite, the arrival of pumpkin spice at Starbucks, are all reasons enough for me to look forward to this special season.  But, more than any of those is a chance to bust out my favorite sweaters that have been hibernating in my closet all summer; their threads begging to be torn from the hangers and thrown on with a pair of skinnies and moto boots! “Yes!” I giddily chuckle to myself, “A season I can finally jive with!” As some of you I am sure will understand, summer, fashion and me just don’t meld. I am apparently hot-weather challenged and during the bikini season I am completely paralyzed with fashion amnesia. I have no idea what to wear and how to pair things in layers without catching on fire. I. Just. Don’t. Get. It. But, fall I totally get.  Layers, boots, tights and chunky sweaters are my best friends and we have been torn apart for way to long! So, as an ode to my favorite season and in the anticipation of reuniting with my stitched friends in a warm embrace, here are some handmade and vintage picks via Etsy to help start the season off without a hitch!

Top Row:
1. Mohair Knitted Sweater by TheKnitKid…2. Red Sweater Top by Customize…3. Grey Boyfriend Sweater by JenFashion…4. Deer Head Pullover Sweater by HintofSunshine

Bottom Row:
1. Grey Open Neck Sweater by kupukupuapparel…2. Lilac Hand Dyed Long Sleeve T by AnnaKShop…3. Vintage Unisex Oversized Sweater by BoBoVintage…4. Vintage 90s Army Green Sweater by Highway Children

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