Yogi Yoga Pants

As I found myself ferociously digging through my closet last weekend for something cute to wear, it dawned on me that all I could come across were workout clothes. All of my whimsical summer dresses, print infused Maxi’s and flowy tanks had been replaced by Nike running apparel, Lululemon yoga pants and gymnastics coaching apparel. What alternate universe am I living in that I, the proud fashionista, have nothing remotely fashionable to wear?! And sitting on my closet floor, throwing a hissy fit like a five year old, it dawned on me. If I’m not zoned in working at home, at my local yoga spot, Planet Fitness or spending the remainder of the late afternoon coaching gymnastics, I am more than likely passed out sleeping!! So when is it that I can find time to actually shop, or for that matter even wear, the trendy styles as sported in fashion mags? Shame and embarrassment immediately washed over me. But wait, there may be way to redeem myself! There is no reason why I can’t find cute, yet functional clothing that can go from gym to street. You always see the ads about Lululemon’s flexible yoga apparel that can be worn post workout (granted that you are not to disgusting!) along with other companies such as Reebok and Nike. So, finding myself a new challenge, I have scoured Etsy for the most fashionable, yet functional yoga pants that aide you in not only finding your chi, but also look cute paired with your favorite flowy top! (Also featured are some fun straps and bags for your yoga mats! You know I love accessories!)

First Row:
1. Emerald Green Yoga Capri Pants by NinaBronze…2. Purple Heart Yoga Legging by NinaBronze…3. Cotton Capri Yoga Pants by SatyaYogaWear

Second Row:
1. Women’s Yoga Crop Pants by Belmaica…2. Blue Cotton Ombre Yoga Pants by ForgottenCotton…3. Royal Ocean Blue Yoga Pants by Florishus

Third Row:
1. Basic Yoga Mat Sling by TheApronShopDotCom…2. Yellow Burlap Yoga Bag by AmoreBeaute…3. Natural Linen Yoga Mat Bag by ManusMade…4. Handmade Yoga Mat Bag by VeradaBags


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