Gold Dipped Goodness

I know I’m probably late to the party, but I’m finding myself lately obsessed with anything gold dipped! Whether it be accessories or home decor, I can’t help but be drawn to these adorable trinkets! I honestly think that it has to do with the holidays being upon us and me imagining all the shades of gold that are shortly going to invade my household. Just knowing that tinsel and twinkles are going to be a very shortly a part of life (which I am beyond excited about) warms my little heart and I can’t help but start planning my holiday decor and brainstorming gift ideas. And there is just something about gold that screams Christmas. Which leads me right back to the handmade gold dipped beauties in this post! Not only are they perfect for your your holiday home decor, but could also serve as a charming stocking stuffer or gift idea. I mean who wouldn’t want a simple gold dipped necklace to go with their New Year’s dress or carrara marble coasters to class up their side table during a fancy holiday party? I mean, I wouldn’t turn it down! And you would definitely be getting a Thank You card from me! 🙂 

Clockwise from Top Left:
Gold Dipped Minimalist Necklace via DanaJewellery
Gold Dipped Milk Glass Vase via NellieFellow
Gold Dipped Feather Wall Hook via juxtapositionsc
Gold Dipped Carrara Marble Coasters via ElizabethWalz
Gold Dipped Clay Jewelry Dish via TidyClutterings
old Dipped Concrete Letters via ConcreteAlphabet
Black Gold Dipped Diamond Shaped Earrings via MinimalVS

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