A Vintage Living Room

I had so much fun with making up a dream vintage kitchen that I had to do another one! So, I thought to myself, what other room would I want to live surrounded by Mid-Century furniture?  Ummm…The Living Room! Where I spend if not all, then most of my time!  It’s where I work, considering I still have not bought a desk, and play, my Wii!, and hang out with my little family to watch movies.  It’s definitely the room that sees the most action in the course of a day and I would love nothing more than to spruce it up with beautiful vintage furniture.  And I imagine it would look something like this:

How awesome is this Vintage Mid Century Yellow Lounge Chair from Housing Authority?  Which, by the way, comes as a pair! Killer!  I absolutely love the yellow color of this plush chair and I can just imagine how comfortable this spacious beauty is.  It makes me all fuzzy and warm inside just to think about curling up in it with a good book, a hot cup of tea, and warm blanket.  (I realize it’s summer almost, but I can dream!)  I think this would go perfect in any home with a modern or vintage feel to it and especially in a room surrounded by nice wooden floors.  A carpet might be to crazy! Plus, you’d be lucky to find a carpet able to go with its vibrant color!  A bit of a side note, check out Housing Authority on Etsy, it has some really great vintage housewares! I added them to my favorites!

These Vintage Mid Century Cabinets from Rhapsody Attic is probably my favorite piece (pieces really as it is a pair) in this dream vintage living room.  My friend actually owns a something similar and I am super jealous of her.  This is just a gorgeous piece of solid walnut and you know that it will withstand anything you put it through.  And for me, a slick, sturdy and solid piece of wood furniture is the tops.   These can be used together as pictured or you can separate them and use them for end tables.  They also have shelves on the inside which can be used for all those books hanging out in corners or perhaps to even stuff misc. items in when your in-laws or parents come for a visit!  I’m not above it! In good vintage condition, the craftsmanship is the definite selling point for me!

Fabulous [Vintage 1950s] Mid Century Lamp [from Haven Vintage] with a modern design and vintage appeal. [The] base is glass with gold accents [and] still sporting the original waxed paper shade with leather trim and a tiny glass ball finial. Great for any where that you want a little glow of light.  I couldn’t describe these cute lamps any better than the shop owner, so I had to borrow their description! Shame on me, I know! They’re just so cute that my mind went completely blank! Totally added this shop to my favorites!

Who doesn’t need a magazine rack?  I actually have been in the market for one ever since I started getting magazine subscriptions and I think this Vintage Mid Century Wire Rack might have to be added to the consideration pile.  Its simple, understated and functional and I totally dig it.  You don’t need something crazy and huge to hand your magazines from and who wants to take up all that room anyway?  This one you can put in any room in the house and not have to worry about it being a total eye soar or getting in the way of your boho tapestry.  Definitely considering. (Plus, I love that it is made of metal!)

Next to the Vintage Cabinets, this is my next favorite piece of vintage furniture.  I love these types of wooden benches/tables as you can still remnants of the tree that it was carved from.  It just adds to the character and beauty of the piece.  And I love that this Vintage Rustic Lodge Wood Table from GroovyGirl60 on Etsy is worn and weathered and was organically shaped from a slab of pine.  What’s even more special about it is that on the bottom of the piece is a personally etched signature with date (1966) by its handcrafter.  How cool is that?  A total time warp connecting you to that crafter from over 40 years ago.  Amazing a piece of furniture could move you in such a way.

I love the color combo on this Vintage Hand Crocheted Rug from Margaret Pearl, an Etsy shop.  And just to say, it always amazes me when people can construct items such as this by hand.  I have no ability when it comes to being handy and crafty and would be lost if someone handed me a pair of knitting needles! I think I would put this lovely little rug in my bedroom as my animals would ruin it if given the chance.  My cat apparently only likes to hairball on the one square inch of floor that isn’t wood.  I’m sure you can understand my frustration!

I love the starburst shape!  I was constantly doodling starbursts in my notebooks when I was in school! I would fill pages and pages of different sizes, shapes and colors just for the fun of it.  Come to think of it, that’s probably why I never knew what was going on half of the time! Oops! Anyway…I love this Vintage Mid Century Starburst Wall Clock at Club Moderne, an Etsy shop.  The beautiful wood spikes are in great vintage condition and the clock itself is also in workable condition and is battery powered. I would put this is the center of my living room for all of my guests to gawk at when they come in to my home.  Like I’ve said in posts before, you just don’t see this same quality of furniture as much anymore and that’s why I buy vintage.  It’s totally unique, just like this clock!

I don’t know what you have on your coffee table, but I am a classics lover and always have a good book around.  One of my favorite writers, even for just conceptional reasons, would by Virginia Woolf.  So, you can understand my appeal to the Vintage Leather Bound Virginia Woolf Novella, “Mrs. Dalloway” from New York Bookseller.  If you have never read this book you should!  It’s not that it’s exciting or that anything even remarkable happens, but it was ahead of its time in the way that it broke all rules of literature. No chapters, no cliffhangers, just a continuous train of thought from one point of view. But, before this turns into a book review, let me stop there! Check it out!

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