A Vintage Kitchen

It was brought to my attention that while I have been blogging about vintage clothing and accessories, that I have been forgetting another vintage love of my readers.  Vintage HOUSEWARES!  How dare I! I am ashamed! Especially when I shop for vintage housewares for my own homestead! I should know better! But, thanks to one of my readers, AdelynStone, who by the way makes really pretty greeting cards, I have seen the error of my ways. So, scouring through Etsy last night I tried to find the PERFECT vintage accessories to go along with a complete vintage kitchen. And while I am sure I left many possible treasures out, I think I have definitely found those practical kitchen essentials that every homemaker needs.  Some of which remind me of my own grandmas kitchen. ::Fuzzy Feeling::  Check it out! (BTW it’s a very yellow kitchen! I have no idea why, that’s just how it ended up! I guess I like a nice vintage yellow!)

I have always loved these sort of kitchen canisters!! My grandmother had some in her retro kitchen and I now own them and absolutely adore them!  Just how I adore these Vintage Yellow & Black Canister Set from MrsRekamepip, an Etsy based shop.  In nearly perfect vintage condition, these fabulous canisters have no chips or scratches and you can easily make out the words as they are untouched by the years.  I mean, how much more perfect does it get? And how awesome would these look in your kitchen!  Yellow goes with everything! Its quintessential vintage! 

I’ve been in the market for some “new” pots and I think I may have found at least one new addition to bring into the cooking family! This Vintage Bubble Cooking Pot from Vintage Revival is super cute with its chipper bright yellow color and beautiful wood handle.  The wood handle perhaps being my favorite aspect of the pot because of its uniqueness. I’ve never seen something like that before! How exciting!  With a couple of chips showing some wear and tear, this 6 cup pot is still in good condition and is patiently awaiting its next meal!

This Vintage Sunbeam Hand Mixer  from Happy Day Vintage would make a perfect addition to my Kitchen considering this is one of the things it is lacking!  I don’t know why I haven’t gotten around to buying one of these magical contraptions, but maybe its because I just haven’t been able to find one that fits my personality.  So, I’ve stuck with that annoying elbow pain that comes with mixing dough and other mixes by hand; you know what I’ve talking about.  But now I think my search has come to an end!  In working condition without any massive visible wear and removable beaters, how could I resist! Who needs some fancy new mixer when I can have one that works and has some serious character for only $36? I’m sold!

For some reason my boyfriend makes so much fun of me because I love anything reminiscent of a vintage amber glass.  I don’t know what it is about them, whether it’s their translucent pale color that is definitive of the hippie age or if it is the numerable variations of designs that are pressed into the glass.  I just love them.  Take these Vintage Amber Daisy Drinking Glasses from leVintageMaison.  How can you not love their cute daisy prints and beautiful Amber color?  So much fun and so unique by nature.  No one really makes them like this anymore! Another great thing about these glasses, they’ve NEVER been used!  Which mean, PERFECT condition! You can’t ask for better!

So I have never owned a trivet, but I think after seeing this Vintage Owl Trivet at Vintage Zen, I might have to start considering purchasing one. I know I could just use a hot pad or even an oven mit to set a hot pan on, but I am definitely loving the idea of this cast iron trivet instead.  Not only would I not go through so many linens on the account of the burning, but this would add so much character to a  kitchen! Also, I love owls and I can’t resist anything shaped like one! Only $30!

A kitchen is not complete without oven mits! What would you grab all those hot plates or delectable food with? How about these Vintage Yellow and Floral Oven Mits from spancyketosherosh’s shop on Etsy!  Their cheeful print alone is enough to brighten anyone’s day, especially when you’re standing over a hot stove.  And I love the yellow piping outlining the outer edges.  It just adds to it! With its wooden toggles, its super easy to hang wherever is accessible in your kitchen and SURPRISE it also comes with a hot pad! Don’t you love it?

Who doesn’t need a 70s Vintage Clock somewhere in their home?! Isn’t that a staple in every vintage lover’s household?  And this one from Retroburgh looks perfect in my little dream kitchen that I have created!  I love these types of decorative clocks as you can’t really find them anymore.  Which is sad because they are so fun and bright and they add a little something else to the room that they are nailed into.  This one in particular has captured my heart with its yellow grid like design and colorful yellow flower.  Only $14.99!

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