A Collection of Vintage Superstars

This post needs no introduction! By its title you already know what is coming to you! I am digging these shops that I picked out from my vast collection of vintage favorites. I think there is definitely something for everyone! Check them out!

I love Gary Pepper Vintage!  It has such fun apparel and accessories! Bright colors, bold patterns and unique designs; what is there not to love!? And since I can’t say it better than Nicole’s (owner) site can, here is what it has to say about the store: Gary Pepper Vintage is an online boutique specializing in exquisite vintage pieces of only the highest caliber. Since its inception in late 2009, Gary Pepper Vintage is quickly carving its name into the sand and building its name to become one of the best known vintage outlets in the world. Since then, Gary Pepper has expanded its store to include vintage bags, shoes, and accessories, and designs and produces its very own signature clothing line that will be available later this year. Gary Pepper Vintage aims to introduce beautiful vintage into the lives of every fashionista in the world, one tulle skirt at a time. And it’s totally true!

Indie Cult Vintage has been one of my go to vintage shops for a while now. An Ebay store since 2001, it’s no wonder with all of their quality vintage that they are still around!  Specializing in vintage from the 60s-80s, I can always find something that I adore from this shop whether it be a lace crochet Maxi Dress, a Navajo printed wrap sweater, or a distressed leather bag.  Their variety is endless and their shop is always full.  An inside clue about their shop, if you find something you can’t live without,  contact them and they will give you a buy it now price! How awesome is that?!

Noir Ohio is a fabulous vintage Ebay store founded in 2005!  This is one of my favorite shops on the net and I am constantly stopping by to see what they have.  Every time I do there are always new products and I always find myself wanting them all!  A bit on the edgier side, this store is perfect for the 80′s/90′s lover or to find something tough to go with that lacey top you have.   And FYI, if you are in the market for anything plaid or a lumberjack-esque button up, then this should be your first stop!

With a headline of, “A one stop shopping destination for hip girls worldwide,” Rock Paper Vintage has certainly given themselves a standard to live up to! But the good thing about that  is that they definitely do and then some!  What I love most, besides the amazing vintage, is that the owner was actually a corporate suit and gave it all up to sell vintage! How awesome is that!? What she has to say about her co.: Living in New York City,we are really lucky to be surrounded by tons of amazing vintage dealers,flea markets and thrift stores.. We find our clothes anywhere from our best friend’s great aunt’s closet to the flea market on Avenue A in the east village. It’s one of our favorite things in the world …going through TONS of clothes to find that one GEM – like a stunning sequin dress or a tiny biker jacket- makes me so excited we almost pee our pants!

Sisters of the Black Moon is a recent Ebay find of mine and I am so excited that I happened to stumble across them!  With amazing vintage finds, this store offers its boho clients with some of the best picks I have seen from the 60s and 70s.  Their garments would have been at home at Woodstock, in the streets of old San Fran, or in the gritty Lower East Side of vintage New York.  I love their edgier style and their consistent use of the darker side of the color spectrum.  Filled to the brim with vintage, you will never be short of finding something you can’t live without!

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