East Village Grunge

If you have been reading my blog for a hot minute by now, you would now know that the outfit you are about to see is probably my favorite fashion style. That is, what I am calling it, the new “East Village Grunge.” A combination of sweet, delicate fabrics against the harder nature of studs, fringe and leather. A juxtaposition between textures that you wouldn’t normally match, but end up creating a devilishly desirable outfit. Long beaded necklaces, bulky rings and colors that vary from pale pinks to the deep hues of a night sky. Who is this girl? An East village resident, a lower Manhattan dweller, a girl who doesn’t know what exists above 14th street. This would be the type of girl you would see in a dive bar drinking two dollar PBR’s or at an underground rock concert screaming against the music. A person who is unafraid in her own skin and who is willing to try new things both in life and in fashion. A vintage lover, her wardrobe exists only in the eras of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Magazines are non-existent to her unless they are as old as her. She lives on her books, feeding her imagination with as many stories as she can at one time. And, oh yeah, she would dress a little something like this..

From the moment I saw this adorable Vintage 70s Mini Dress at RamonaWest, I knew it was special! I adore this simple, high-waisted two toned mini with its easy to wear attitude and semi- sheer fabric.  You could definitely sport this to work with a structured menswear jacket or wear it at night to your favorite hang out!  Either way this dress is functional, which lets face it, in this economy that’s what we are all really going for! One piece that can be worn multiple ways and that can easily reflect your fashion mood of the day!

If there is one thing that I would never be able to get enough of, it would be the leather jacket.  And it’s not just because it’s leather, which is a weakness of mine, I admit.  It’s because there make me feel in control.  Like when I put it on no one can mess with me and I’m the biggest bad ass in town. I know that sounds ridiculous, but that’s how they make me feel!  Another thing I treasure about these black beauties (yes, they have to be black) is that they are like chamelions when it comes to your wardrobe.  They can go with anything and everything!  And I mean everything from sweet lace 50s dresses to 80s ripped acid wash jeans.  An easy classic in my mind you can see why I chose this Vintage 80s Cropped Jacket with its biker zipper details from Hipsters Playground Vintage to go with this sweet mini.  Opposites attracting to form the perfect fashion relationship.

I realize by admitting to what I am about to say may make you think less of me, but I have to tell you I have never been the one to jive with the while bootie footwear scene.  I don’t know why really.  I think that when I tried them on me I thought they made me look a little lopsided or something and I never got used to seeing myself in them. It was kind of like when you tried on skinny jeans when that first came back out and you had to get used to seeing yourself in them to not feel sort of ridiculous! But I spotted a friend of mine wearing them with a super cute mini dress and I found myself looking at them in a brand new light.  So when I was looking for a pair of kicks to feature with the already amazing mini I thought to myself, “I must search out the Bootie!” And when I found these Vintage STUDDED (YUMMY! You know I love studs!) Black Leather Booties from SoanishMoss I was so excited! How amazing do they look with this outfit! They definitely help bring it together, tying themselves in with the studded belt.  My opinion has been successfully changed as I am now in the market for some bootie beauties (say that five times fast!).

When I was a kid I refused to believe that a belt was anything more than an annoyance.  So when my stepmom tried to one day explain to me (as she dressed me in what she perceived as “cute”) that they were a fashion statement, it was no surprise that I flat out disagreed with her.  But what did I know, I was ten.  I now know better (don’t tell her, please!) and love to accessorize as many outfits as I can with belts!  They add so much personality to an outfit and can change the way it looks in a second.  In looking for something for this outfit, I wanted something a bit edgier to go with the shoes and jacket and to juxtapose with the quiet elegance of the dress.  I thought that this Vintage 80s Studded Belt from LEnfantTerrible would fit in perfectly with the ensemble.  Especially since this dress has a higher waist it’s nice to be able to hide that line by accessorizing with a belt.

Is it wrong of me to love fringe as much as I do?  A recent obsession of mine I can’t seem to get enough! I think it has something to do with that boho, hippie eclecticism that I love so dearly! Either way I am infatuated with my recent vintage find at Black Pyramid.  Check out this lightly worn 70s Southwestern Fringe Bag with star studded detailing and beading! Doesn’t it just make your heart beat! Bump Bump! I love the native feel to this bag and the worn look to the leather.  To me, leather never looks bad no matter how it expires.  It’s still crisp, raw and holds that earthy aroma it had on its first day of conception.  It ages like a fine wine, really!  And if this bag has made it through 30 yrs and still looks this good, imagine how it will look in another 30! That’s why you go vintage!

No, I am not some crazed obsessed knife junky.  I am a vintage lover looking for something a bit edgier and unique!  And what could be more unique than wearing a pocket knife around your neck?  Not only is it practical (in case you find yourself needing to carve your initials on a park bench) but it also serves as a bit of mystery; keeping those around you on their fashion toes.  Besides, is this Vintage Black Sterling Silver Knife from FigandDorothy really the nuttiest thing you’ve seen sported around or on a fashionista? I think not! The thing I love about this necklace, besides the fore-mentioned reasons, is the gorgeous pickled facade.  It appears almost like glass and is inviting to the eye rather than apprehensive.  An impressive find, this one of a kind beauty will be sure to impress your neighborhood friendly fashionista!

Brace yourselves ladies for an amazing find! Check out this AMAZING hand affixed PREHISTORIC black and white Fossil RING from LarkinandLarkin!  When I found this I swear to you my jaw dropped! This is the MOST AMAZING store and I am so happy to have found it! Have you ever seen such a ring? Its massive and a statement piece all on its own.  You could wear this with a plain tee and I would still be in awe of your outfit.  It’s powerful, magnetic and requires an extremely confident person to toil it around on their fingers. I really am at a loss for words right now.  I don’t know how to describe just how brilliant this piece of jewelry is.  All I can say is that I love it.


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