2011 Accessory Trends Go Vintage!

Every fashionista knows that her outfit is not complete unless she finishes it off with some killer accessories! Of course for us vintage lovers that holds even truer as we love to adorn ourselves in as much unique accessories as we possibly can. This only adds to the character of the overall outfit. So, since I dedicated a whole post to vintage “modern” fashion yesterday, which I hope you had a chance to read 🙂 , I thought it only fitting to find some fashion forward vintage accessories to go with our trendy outfits. Check it out!

I am so excited about this trend; the Cat Eye!  Its so glamorous and just oozes 50s Movie Star! And I totally feel like one when I wear them!  Especially if I was sporting those uber fashionable and sheek Prada glasses on the left! Gorgeous! But, even better than that are these vintage glasses I found on Etsy that are just as fabulous and impactful! The ones on the top right hand side were a no brainer when I spotted them!  These vintage 70s Helena Rubenstein sunglasses at VintageTreasureShop are delicious! I love the golden white rims with the white accent on the “cat eye”.  The best thing about them? They are new old stock! Meaning that they have never been worn and are in perfect vintage condition! Designer glasses for only $78? Check please! Next come a pair of bright red vintage 80s cat eye with floral rim print at GPNexxus (BTW this store has a TON of specs!). So adorable! I love the little flowers on the edge! Completely adds a different character to the specs! These also are from new old stock and are selling for only $27! And it must be my lucky day because the last pair, a fabulous vintage 80s geometric cat eye from Kokorokoko, are also in like new condition with stickers still on the lens! I love the exaggerated 50s cat eye frame on this pair on sunglasses and of course get a kick out of the bold pattern.  I think that a modern day Jackie O would sport this! And for only $26 I would too!  Check out my friends little work up she did on Cat Eye’s!

I don’t know if I could ever really jive with this new fascination with “Belt Purses,” or as I like to call them, Fanny Packs, but I guess when it comes to fashion, you can never say never.  As I have been shopping around in this cyber mall, I find myself slowly warming up to this new summer trend.  I mean, who doesn’t think that the Jaeger London bright yellow belt purse (left) isn’t cute? So, checking out some vintage Etsy stores I happened to stumble on a couple of FANNY PACKS (level with me fashion world, this is what they are) that might help change my mind (and won’t cost me an arm and a leg!).  Take for instance the first bag on top.  It is a beautiful vintage hand tooled leather fanny pack (Loucella) which would make any leather lover faint.  A beautiful example of high quality craftsmanship this pack It comes with an adjustable belt strap and is selling for $45.  Next speaks out to the hippie in us all! A vintage 80s leather patchwork pack from SnootieSeconds that reminds of some jeans I used to have a few years back!  So, I guess this one was just a funny connection, but I still think its awesome!  I love the fact that it is made up of a soft leather and if I happened to fall of my bike with it on it probably wouldn’t hurt it to much! Plus, I love bags that have a mix of brown colored patches! I automatically flock towards them. Only $34!

Yes ladies, clogs are back and better than ever! There was a time not to long ago that these wooden cloppers were back, but unfortunately were not available in the most stylish of forms! Fortunately that is not the case anymore as you see from the fit for a Queen clogs from Chanel (left).  And it’s just not designers who have these delectable clogs, but vintage sellers are also carrying some fine examples! I love the first pair of clogs (top right)! These vintage 70s wooden leather platforms from PineAppleMint are to die for! They are in beautiful condition and I love the black detail rimming the wooden platform! So cute! I also adore Old Age’s Vintage 70s suede wooden clogs (bottom). I know clogs usually have a covered front, but hey we don’t have to stick to specifics here! These are in mint condition and are running for only $64.

Usually when I buy cuff bracelets or really any sort of jewelry I always try and find vintage pieces right off the bat.  Reason being that if I’m going to spend $20, then I would rather spend it on something that has lasted already for 20yrs and has character than on a piece of metal coated in paint that will likely chip off within a few wears.  Now, if I were to purchase the colorful Marc Jacobs’ bracelet (top right) then I would be assured that quality wouldn’t be an issue, just the $80 price point! So, as usual I went searching for a few vintage ones and here are a few I found! The first being the oh so shiny vintage silver cuff from WillowsSecretGarden.  I love the tribal print on the face of the bracelet and also how the cuff has a unique hourglass shape to it.  In amazing condition this cuff is a steal at $18! If you’re like Madonna and like to layer your bracelets (which I totally do!) then you’re going to love the BanginBangles wooden & lucite collection of vintage bangles.  A cool combination of different textures, the colors mesh perfectly with each other and would definitely look awesome with your summer Maxi Dresses! Last, but not least, is a vintage 60s root beer plastic bangle from AtlasFalcon.  So, I love Amber and the color of this bracelet reminds me of that fact and it’s hard for me not to want it! The swirl in the plastic is totally unique and drew my attention right away! Only $35!

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