2011 Summer Trends Go Vintage!

2011 is bringing to the fashion world some sensational summer trends! Overflowing with bright neon colors, floral prints, and whimsical sheer fabrics there lies a style for every fashionista.  With the welcome back of the 60s and 70s, modern hippies can enjoy again wide leg bell bottoms, sheer Maxi Dresses, and sexy lace crochet tops.  Born with a little punk in you, not a problem as this season includes inspirations from the biker grunge generation.  My favorite of which is the biker jacket with its zippered sleeves, its tightly pulled smooth black leather and the occasional silver studs outlining its sharp lines. Delicious!  But, with this season waving all these delectable looks in our faces is it possible for us vintage connoisseurs to adapt our eco-friendly wardrobe to reflect summer trends?  Ummm…YES! It  may take a bit of searching, but let me tell you I found some amazing vintage that won’t stretch your wallet! And with this year’s fashion so engrained in former decades it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!  Take a look at some vintage that could walk hand in hand with year’s runway creations and look just as amazing!

I’m sure you can easily guess what this trend is!  This is what the fashion world is calling “Biker Chic,” a collaboration which consists of key elements such as the leather moto jacket, pant, and boot to form one fierce outfit.  Take this sheek quilted leather jacket from Burberry with its zippered sleeves and cinched waist; gorgeous, yes, but would run you a pretty penny.  A perfect option?  How about this vintage 80s black quilted leather jacket from TigerlilyFrocks?  Does it not define the moto style to a T? With enough zippers to start your own personal collection combined with the quilted shoulders and belted waist, I’d say Burberry stole their inspiration directly from this moto jacket!  It doesn’t stop there though, those sizzling hot black leather pants from Burberry you see there, love them, but lets get serious, at this point in time in my life not possible!  My vintage option? How about these 80s black high waist (yummy!) leather moto pants at American Archive? I love their sleek, straight leg look and I’m sure the soft leather would be comfortable enough to carry you through your long day (or night!). And talk about some killer biker boots to top it of with!  I LOVE these vintage black leather boots from RebelBelleVintage!  So amazing with their eagle adorned studded boot strap! Would you not think that I owned a Harley and hung out with all the Bikers from your local watering hole? The best part about them? Their only $46! Need I say more?

Hello my beautiful high waisted, wide-legged bell bottoms and irresistible dainty lace crochet tops! How I love you and how I am sure your vintage devotees have missed you!  But yearn for no longer my faux 70s children (and even the real ones) these favored items are back!  (Mom: Aren’t you mad you threw those bell bottoms out now? I told you they would come back!) And back with a vengeance they are as they are being sported by top designers such as the Mother of the smartly patterned beauties on the left, Chloe.  But, before you swoon to hard over these ( I know, it’s difficult) rest your eyes on its vintage equivalent.  A fabulous pair of 70s METALLIC high waisted bell bottoms that would be sure to make any co-worker in your office jealous! From IndieCultVintage, these pants, with their subtle hints of blue shining out from soft gold fabric, make for a perfect marriage between day and night. Wear them with a blousy top or a slimmer top tucked in with colorful belt! Speaking of tops, how great does that vintage cream shag blouse from Spanish Moss look with with our 70s pants! Sublime! I love the fact that this top is so intricate in its weaving with the delicate crochet.  It comes off strong and so versatile! You could wear it with some leather moto pants to mix it up!

The Maxi Dress.  Next to bell bottoms, one of my favorite past trends. They’re simple, beautiful and versatile.  You can sport them at the beach with some flip flops or glam them up with some chunky platforms and slim belt.  Either way they look great (and on your “I feel bloated” days, make for good mid section coverup)!   This year, however, Maxi’s have been taken to another level that I haven’t yet seen on retail racks in the past.  The style this year: Sheer, sheer, and what’s that? Oh yeah, sheer.  Expect to be seeing Maxi’s like the one on the left rustling back and forth as they swoosh by you on the sidewalk any day now.  Want one? Check out this exquisite vintage 70s sheer lace maxi from RockPaperVintage.  Affordable at only $25 (It’s on Ebay, so it will probably go up a little), this scalloped beauty screams summer perfection.  I absolutely adore this dainty, yet sexy dress and I love the 20s inspired drop waist.  Why buy new when you can have the real thing at a fraction of the cost?

You know what’s funny about this grunge inspired fishtail fashion trend?  That I was literally just yesterday looking through my favorite vintage sellers, lusting after these same styled vintage dresses.  I mean, how more on point could vintage fashion be?  Here comes summer and boom my vintage shops are magically selling the same styles as TopShop (on left), Dennis Basso and Alessandro Dell’Acqua! Awesome! Generally hitting between mini/midi length to midi/maxi length, fishtail dresses are an unique way to add a playful, edgier look to the everyday. And  staying within the 2011 trends, I found a couple of lovely vintage options! The first is a fun 90s floral printed fishtail dress from BustownModern.  With a button up front, side pockets and bright floral prints (2011 trend statement) you’ll be looking sharp in platforms for only $26 (on Ebay, bid fast!)! That striped beauty you see (stripes are also a trend this year!) is a vintage 80s fishtail delight from TinRoofVintage (a fav. shop of mine!)  Wear it with a belt to cinch the waist or let it go free, this deep pocketed dress is perfect for a hot summer day!

Ok, I have never worn a jumpsuit before; probably because the ones I’ve seen have been tight denim or military inspired and that’s just not my cup of tea.  But, from what I’ve been seeing on the runway and in stores, this years jumpsuit is completely different! From a more tailored sophisticated look to a free flowing hippie inspired ensemble, there is a suit for everyone this season!  And like the fishtail trend, jumpsuits are in no short supply when it comes to vintage.  Take this vintage 70s sheer jumpsuit from IndieCultVintage, a dainty, soft wide leg stunner with a bit of a sexier edge.  You’ll stay nice and cool during summer in this fully laced head turner! Pop in some chunky turquoise jewelry and you’ll be good to go!  Love bright colors? How “in” will you be when you’re strutting around town in Hipster’sPlaygroundVintage’s burgundy 80s wide leg playsuit I love the bright color of this suit and the adorable buttons down the front! At a “Buy it Now” price of only $88 why wouldn’t you jump at the chance to own a piece of fashion history!

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  • Naomi

    I knew a lot of current trend were vintage looks coming back, but it’s fun to see the old and the new next to each other like this. Nice job finding matching pairs!

  • Samantha

    Great post! I love the 60s trends this summer — especially big, flaring bellbottoms and flowy blouses. Bold colors are my favorite too…I feel like I fell straight out of my parents generation! My other favorite summer essential that’s very 60s inspired are aviator sunglasses. They tie the whole outfit together 🙂