Top Vintage Shops for the Vintage Lover

So I had SOOOOO much FUN with the last post about my favorite Etsy Vintage stores and such great feedback (thanks Cara, you fab Fashion Stylist!) that I just HAD to do another one! Only this time I included a couple of rad Ebay stores along with the always awesome Etsy stores! Exciting, right?  I hope that this helps all who are venturing out into Vintage land with finding some compatible shops so you don’t have to scrape for hours through the wad that is the internet.  Although sometimes that can be fun if you bring a long a bottle of wine and the complete series of Sex and the City. You know, not saying that’s how I did it! 🙂 Enjoy!

is one of my new fabulous Etsy Vintage finds! Based out of L.A and established in 2009, Castaway Vintage is rocker chic meets an ounce of you’re neighborhood girly girl.  I am in love with this shops edgy vision and its vintage, with its sharp patterns and bright colors.  You can tell that it’s owner has carefully hand picked each item to match her vision and hasn’t let that idea sway at all. Each item in her shop, whether clothing or accessory work together to make a harmonious and joyful shopping experience for her customers. I will defiantly be checking in on this shop!

Perhaps the best part of GirlOnAVine, are its Kimonos! Devine!  Sure, they also carry some other vintage not related to a cardigan or coverup, but I have to say that I have never seen such amazing vintage kimonos. All of them are equally beautiful, unique, and delicate as the next.  The taste of the shop owner, like OldAge, is flawless and just scanning through what her store has to offer lets you know who she is.  A free spirit; a person who thinks for herself; a non-conformist.  You can see what she represents through the vintage she so carefully chooses and, likewise, what girl her pieces attract.  The strong minded, strong willed, and unafraid.  A passionate soul with an open heart.  A “hippie” by nature.  To purchase a piece from this shop would be a lifetime gift to yourself.  What more could you ask for?

Would you believe me if I told you that Tin Roof Vintage, an Ebay Store, has been a favorite seller of mine since 2006?  Well, BELIEVE IT! This was one of the first shops I ever “liked” on Ebay and  has yet to disappoint me. Specializing in vintage from the 50’s to the 90’s, TRV takes pride in its business and ALWAYS has top notch garb.  Geared toward the boho, hippie, free loving kind of gal, which is what I would like to consider myself, you would defiantly find your next floor length lace maxi dress here!! But, no worries, there is totally room for you rocksters!  Check them out when you have a minute and I promise you will not be disappointed.  How many online shops have you loved for 5yrs?

Bustown Modern is another fabulous Ebay Vintage store that I am completely obsessed with! A baby from eras 50s-90s this store is packed full at all times with full length maxi dresses, delicate crochet and lace tunics and old tees that you can wear to your next rock concert.  The variety of vintage is endless and the quality and selection competes for top dawg with Tin Roof Vintage.  There is not one item I wouldn’t wear myself and like Tin Roof, Bustown’s clear vision is reminisant in their vintage choices.  If you’re looking for quality, hand stitched, excellent condition vintage, then Bustown is defiantly worthy of your visit!

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