The Maxi Dress


There is always a constant that clutches at the hems of the fashion industry; rejuvenating itself time and time again refusing to be stuffed into a Manhattan Mini Storage Box to be forgotten forever.  The latest culprit in my book? The Maxi dress. A style that has ceased to find its way to the pearly gates of fashion heaven and since the 70s has remained on the runways in some shape or form.  You may or may not agree with me, but you have to acknowledge the fact that this fashion trend is in desperate need of a makeover.  I realize that you can only do so much with the basic shape of the garment, but have designers (at least the ones I can afford!) completely relinquished all creativity and elected to instead regurgitate last season’s trends with the only change being chevron stripes instead of vertical or color palette? As you can see, this is a somewhat upsetting to me as it should be! You may think I am over-reacting and maybe even a bit harsh in my review, but what can I say…I’m Bored. Bored of the same old styles that I saw last season, the season before that and three seasons ago when I was forced to pitch it to customers as a Store Manager.  Is it really that hard to ask for some variety or to at least re-invent something as dated as the Maxi Dress? This is when I go back to my roots and I realize the only way I’m going to find something somewhat inspiring and true to my personality, is if I shop vintage. Why I even try to go to the big box stores sometimes, I have no idea.  I guess I just hold to the hope that when I am in a bind or when I am having a girls day out shopping with my mom that I can actually find clothing that sparks my interest and enjoy myself.  Instead, most times I leave dissatisfied and empty handed.  To be fair though, I do have to say that I love venturing into local shops and fawning over independent labels.  The problem is, as much as I would love to support those business, my wallet unfortunately cannot. So, until then, I think I’ll stick with vintage and the occasional Urban Outfitters visit.  And speaking of vintage and my current frustration with unoriginal Maxi dresses here are some amazing finds that are anything but boring!
Maxi Dress (Clockwise from top left) 1. VTG 80s Sheer White Maxi Dress from HSVintage…2. Vintage 70s Lace Crochet Maxi Dress via HSVintage…3.Fully Sheer Floor Length Maxi Dress via SaintLuficersVintage…4.Vintage 70’s Color Block Maxi Dress via MamaStoneVintage…5.Reconstructed linen racerback maxi dress via PersephoneVintage…6.Vintage 80s Navy Blue Maxi Dress via enidandedgar…7.1970s Chevron Striped Maxi Dress via DaisysVtgClothesLine…8. 1970s Sweater Striped Maxi Dress via luckyvintageseattle


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