Floppy, Fun & Fashionable Summer Hats…

I have been reading A LOT about sun protection lately and honestly, I find myself more lost now than ever. Apparently,  it’s not as easy to keep your skin protected as I thought it was.  In the past, my mom would just go to the drug store, grab the first thing that said the word “Sunscreen” on it and hope that it had at least an hour of water resistance! So, naturally, this is how I went about shopping for myself as an adult. I mean, sunscreen is sunscreen, right? Uh, NO! Not according to the doctors who contribute to magazines such as Fitness, Self, Health and Fitness, Woman’s Mag and pretty much every lifestyle magazine in print! It has gotten INTENSE when it comes to sun protection my friends.  It’s just not enough to slap on some SPF 30, which by the way is the recommended SPF by dermatologists (sorry sun bathers!).  Nowadays, skin protection has evolved into its own entity and you not only have to consider UVA/UVB protection, but believe it or not UPF 50 clothing, face SPF 30, topical antioxidant serums in addition to sunscreen and even, get this, oral antioxidants! You heard me, popping a pill 30 minutes before you frolic in the sun to protect your skin from the inside out! I mean seriously docs, I don’t have the time for all that craziness! It shouldn’t be such a project to go outside!
Logically, I realize that this clinical advice is for the 1% of us who actual would consider ourselves the perfect patient and for the rest of us who don’t have that kind of quiche to burn on suncare, we are going to have to stick with what our mom taught us! High SPF with UVA/UVB protection and really cute floppy hats!! I know, finally! It took me a minute to get to the point of my chaotic babble, but the truth of it is that skin protection equals a fun shopping opportunity for the perfect beach hat! And ladies, NO FEDORAS! They are adorable, yes, but not exactly the most efficient in blocking rays from your sun-kissed skin.
Some rules when shopping around:
1.Make sure your hats brim doesn’t swallow your face! (I’m sure you knew that you Fashionista you!)
2. If you love the woven look, make sure to find a hat that has fairly thick weaves which can help block out harmful rays.
3. Go for bright colors or lively patterns!
4. Just because you’re sporting a wide brimmed hat, doesn’t mean you don’t need sunblock on your face.
5. Have fun! Take a friend shopping with you and take silly pics!
Now that you’re in the shopping mode, check out some of the fun vintage and modern summer floppy hats I scouted for you!

(Clockwise from top left) 1. Floppy Summer Hat from American Apparel…2. By The Sea Hat from Roxy…3. Nubby Floppy Panama Hat from Urban Outfitters…4. 1950s Vintage Wide Brim Sun Hat from MaejeanVINTAGE…5. Brim and Proper Hat from ModCloth…6. 1970s Vintage Floppy Hat from FarmsteadVintage…7. 1940s Vintage Floppy Hat from WaistedVintage1

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