Styles to Covet: Southwestern Prints

Lately as I’ve been scouring all my favorite online vintage shops I have been seeing a ton of vintage clothing from the 70s/80s with Southwestern/Navajo influence.  It’s not unlikely that one or two shops may have a few items of this style, but from what I have been seeing EVERY one of my favorite shops has pieces with southwestern patterns.  Maybe it’s just coincidence.  Maybe there is some southwestern vintage god that has an overflow of 70s cardigans and jackets and has just poured them into these shops to get rid of them! Or maybe, this style is making its way back. Sure, we had a definite glimpse of it last season, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. If my vintage shops are telling me anything, it’s that this Fall/Winter is going to produce a heavy flow of Southwestern/Navajo/Tribal inspired clothing and accessories.  But, hey, I could be wrong!  It could definitely have been just by chance which wouldn’t be totally unfeasible. Either way, I ADORE this style!! I love the prints, the colors, the flare, the vintage aesthetic and the way in which the style itself evokes a feeling of being close to mother nature.  And I fear that one day if my obsession continues I will only own this one style! Hopefully my fiance will help me come to me senses! Until then, though, I will remain engrossed! Check out some of these genuine Southwestern styles from the 70s I found!  Tell me you don’t love it!

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