Sand and Sun

I have made it abundantly clear that I am ready for summer! With posting about vintage swimwear and sweet shades, to tweeting all my vintage bathing suit finds, I think it was only inevitable that I made an OFFICIAL blog post featuring a vintage swim outfit!  And I have to say that I had such a fun time finding the perfect items to mash together and I think it came out well!  So I don’t kill your growing excitement with to many words, here you go!

How PERFECT is this VINTAGE, yes VINTAGE 60’s Yellow Gingham Bikini? With an adorable shape and style, have you ever seen such an unique bikini?  Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I sure haven’t!  How adorable is the halter top with the dainty white bow!  I absolutely LOVE the yellow and white gingham print and the featured ruffle on the boy short!  It’s cute and a bit provocative at the same time,  shouting out, “Don’t be fooled by the shorts boys, I’m a sexy lioness!”  And it may have been your mother’s once upon a time, but I doubt she wore  it with as much pizazz as you now can.  Selling on Etsy at OldAge’s Shop for $65. Get it quick!

Gorgeous. Delicate. Ethereal.  These would be the words that I would choose to describe this heavenly Velvet Silk Fringe Kimono. I adore its antique sea green color, its sparkling sequins, and perhaps my favorite…its FRINGE! Nothing says boho like fringe!! And what I love about this fringe is that it is in pristine condition; un-tattered and light. A perfect cover up or perhaps even a belted mini dress, either way this kimono is a win/win purchase.  Selling on Etsy at GirlOnAVine for $189.

Adorable Green Leather Wedge Sandals on Etsy at AnabelVintage.  These never worn vintage 70’s/80’s sandals are perfect for those summer day dresses or for those ladies who like to dress up their swim wear! Made out of a smooth leather, these French made shoes run roughly at a size 7 and according to their seller, are super comfy and give a great shape to the leg!  And lets get serious, that is a good part of why women buy heels and wedges! I know it is for me!  A steal for only $18!

How much fun is this Vintage 70’s Boho Floppy Hat?! It just makes me smile! It’s always fun to put on a big floppy hat and walk around like you’re some fabulous movie star hiding from the paparazzi.  Or to use it to cool yourself from the hot summer sun as you tan yourself on a white sanded beach; preferably with a Mojito or some other island drink dripping wet in your hand.  Hmmm.  Not to mention that they are an amazing accessory and can make any outfit! The things hats do to you! Pick this extra floppy one up on Etsy at VintageTrunkShow for $24!

Nothing says summer like a good Beach Towel! Made completely out of special pure cotton peshtemals from Turkey, this green and white fringe towel screams, “Fall asleep on me while you sun bathe!” I can just imagine how comfy this delicate cotton is and how amazing and luxurious it will feel wrapped around the body. Some good info. to know about this towel: It is lightweight, easy to carry, absorbent, has lasting quality, colors don’t run, and is made of all natural materials. No more just settling on any old beach towel for your vacation! Only $20 on Etsy at 1001Days.

If you love vintage as much as I do, then you need to check out OldAge’s Shop on Etsy asap!  With fine vintage picks, you’ll be sure to find a treasure! Just scrolling through what this seller has to offer, lets me know that she is very critical and definite about her choosing, as all her vintage appears to be in tip top shape and seems to follow a code.  That code being that the vintage she chooses from each era be not only top quality, but that none in her shop be picked merely to have something sell. Meaning, as best as I can put it, OldAge , as I see it, only sells vintage that they would indeed wear.  I’m sure that most shops are the same way, but when scrolling through OldAge, I get the sense that the vintage is personal and dear; each one has a story and not one is less important or unique than the next.  It’s a feeling that is hard to explain, but in my opinion, when you shop at OldAge, you shop at the pinnacle of each era’s  fashion. Happy hunting.

Perhaps the best part of GirlOnAVine, are its Kimonos! Devine!  Sure, they also carry some other vintage not related to a cardigan or coverup, but I have to say that I have never seen such amazing vintage kimonos. All of them are equally beautiful, unique, and delicate as the next.  The taste of the shop owner, like OldAge, is flawless and just scanning through what her store has to offer lets you know who she is.  A free spirit; a person who thinks for herself; a non-conformist.  You can see what she represents through the vintage she so carefully chooses and, likewise, what girl her pieces attract.  The strong minded, strong willed, and unafraid.  A passionate soul with an open heart.  A “hippie” by nature.  To purchase a piece from this shop would be a lifetime gift to yourself.  What more could you ask for?

AnabelVintage is your around the block Parisian Vintage Store! Sure, it’s based on the WWW on Etsy, but it’s seller comes from that lovely country of France.  I love France! Really, I just love Europe!  And this lucky Parisian is a lover of my other favorite thing, Vintage!  Dedicated to recycling fashion and making the world more eco-friendly, this vintage seller collects clothes from some designers like Courrèges, Cacharel, (and) Versace. Holding firm to the fact that Vintage can always be fashionable and in style, she is dedicated to providing her customers with unblemished and out of the box wearable clothing.  All of her vintage is washed or dry cleaned, shoes scrubbed squeaky clean, and seams mended if necessary.  A true lover of vintage, you can rest assure that your purchases are handled with the utmost care and respect and that you shall receive a piece as truly unique as yourself.

VintageTrunkShow is a store lathered in vintage love and dedication! Its shop owner, a vintage enthusiast, has been wearing vintage since before she can remember. As she describes herself, “I have always had an eclectic sense of style and I love mixing old pieces with new. You’ll never catch me in an outfit that doesn’t incorporate some piece of vintage fabulousness.” You know I love that! And what makes this individual a true enthusiast, her hunting skills! Yes, hunting! As men get dirty hunting for game, this little lady gets dirty hunting for vintage garb.  Scouring flea markets, antique stores, and estate sales, fearless of the barterers that she surely encounters, she plunges for treasures! You never know what she’s going to find! Bookmark her or save her to your Etsy store list so you don’t miss out!

So, 1001Days may not be a vintage shop, but it is a shop that HANDMAKES it products with natural materials. So, like vintage, it is Eco-friendly!  This 3rd Generation shop’s linens and towels are multi-purpose and are made of only the highest quality cottons.  The best part about them is that they reported last a lifetime, which is perhaps the most frustrating thing about purchasing most linens and towels; that they usually don’t!  So, if you’re going to spend the money on buying your matching set of towels, check out this store first so at least your money won’t be made to go to waste!

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