A Vintage “Feet”

Now, I know I’ve been on the hunt for some serious vintage beach wear and that I have found everything from bathing suits to sunglasses to coverups, but as I was scrolling through my Etsy shops, it dawned on me that I left out one very important element.  THE SHOE!  I mean hello!, your feet can be just as fashionable and fabulous as the rest of you!  Really, they are one of the most important of all accessories and can make or break an outfit, so its essential to pay careful attention that what you put on those adorable wiggly toes reflects who you are as a person.  And my FAVORITE thing about shoes is that you can have so much fun with them. You could be wearing a basic, no fluff outfit and POP!, with a bright colored shoe it could change it around in a second!

So, this in mind I went on Etsy and checked out one of my go-to stores for amazing footwear, Santoki Vintage.  This Austin based store is prime picking when it comes to handpicked vintage shoes! Carrying some of the best vintage footwear from sandals to boots I’ve seen, this store has became a fast favorite of mine.  And what’s best is that they are constantly adding new items all the time and for someone like me who is always on the lookout that is definitely a plus.  They also carry some superb vintage clothing which may not come in such an abundance as their footwear, but nonetheless still are noteworthy.  For example, check out this sick leather aviator jacket at Santoki. I am absolutely OBSESSED with it! Such beautiful color and the condition is outstanding!  Speaking of condition, let me get back to the footwear before I get to carried away!  Santoki’s taste in vintage shoes is flawless without a doubt, but the condition of the shoes is what really makes then stand out.  Providing you with pictures of every angle, Santoki invites its customer to ease their minds. By not holding anything back and revealing a visual truth about their product,  your can be assured that what you see is what you get.  Makes you feel a little warm and cuddly on the inside doesn’t it!? So, without any further adieu, behold some AMAZING Vintage sandals and flats that will be sure to not only make a statement no matter how worn, but will make you feel even more special and unique than you already are!

I love the pattern on these sandals! Intertwining salmon, green, purple, yellow leathers make for a chameleon pair of awesome vintage that would look stylish with anything that you have in your wardrobe.  With their low heel and their near perfect condition, my bet is that these are super comfy! Happy and fashionable feet; what could be better? $33 at Santoki.

I think my favorite part of these pair of vintage leather sandals are the cute buckles on the side!  Knowing me, I would probably never even adjust them for fear that I would mess up the “look” of the shoe! Yeah, that’s right, I’d flop around and let my shoes say “Hi!” to ya every chance they got!  In great condition, these low heeled, geometric sandals are only $42 at Santoki.

I haven’t seen a pair of vintage sandals like these in a while!  I mean they have a basic shape, but I love the way the two leather strands stretch over the top of the sandal connecting back to front.  For one, it’s nice to know they won’t flip off your feet!  Two, it dresses up the sandal a bit more so you can not only wear them to the beach, but even out to a nice dinner with that surfer boyfriend of yours! In excellent condition, these multicolored braided leather sandals would be a great addition to your wardrobe for only $35 at Santoki.

Ok, so my FAVORITE color is PURPLE!! So, you can imagine my excitement when I happened to cross paths with these babies! In fabulous condition, these vintage leather purple sandals are to die for and are perhaps my favorite of the whole bunch! So, I’m biased! Who isn’t when it comes to their color!  And besides the obvious reason for my adorement, check out the rest of the pics of these sandals and you will discover a little surprise when you turn them over! $33 on Santoki.

I’m trading in my sexy slingbacks for another pair of slings! These canvas “slingbacks” are certainly a more comfortable alternative to everyday living! A colorful striped canvas, I can’t say that they would totally match with everything, but hey, when you love something so much, does it really matter? I think not! Besides, if you love “beach fashion” and live in tees and shorts, I think you’ll get by just fine! $19 at Santoki.

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