Is That A Feather In Your Hair?

Recently, I did a post about a fabulous shop, LarkinandLarkin, which features amazing stone jewelry.  But, aside from their unique jewels they also carried fun feather hair accessories which I just fell in love with.  And ever since then I’ve been seeing people and even some of my friends sporting them in their locks.  I don’t know if I just never noticed it before or perhaps it’s becoming more of a trend now, but I’m completely obsessed with them now! They are so whimsical and elaborate in their arrangements, evoking the boho, hippie feel of the 60s and 70s. Some are big and fluffy, which looks awesome in shorter hair, and some long and skinny, which is great for longer hair.  All in different colors; some a medley of the rainbow and others a mix of earthy tones. Whatever they look like they all do the same thing; add some serious ‘tude to your ‘do! Here are some fun ones I found on Etsy (and I totally just realized they were all browns and yellows! Whoops!):

I am love with this feather extension from FloozeesDoozees! The earthy colors are perfectly matched together and I love that all the feathers are different sizes to create one long extension.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I like long feathers, but I just think these multiple short feathers are clumped together very creatively and are so adorable! Plus, the kitty charm just adds to the allure of this extension and secretly my favorite part about it.

I know I usually say my own two cents about the items I find, but LadyPancake defiantly describes her Long Feather Hair Extension better than I ever could! Here’s what she has to say: “Fun to wear without the commitment of salon extensions, this feather clip extension is…piled with three layers of natural feathers and attached I to real leather…This is a lightweight and comfortable to wear clip in feather extension. All my feathers are hand wrapped in silver wire and finished with painted wooden bead accents. The leather is then attached to an easy to place clip. The main colors are naturalized yellow, brown, and black.”

I’m so sad I just cut my hair short because I would buy this lovely Ginger Hair Extension from xVelvetx! These long natural feathers with their intertwining reds and browns would have looked so fierce in my dark brown hair! (By the way, if you have red hair, this extension will really pop on you.) I guess I’ll just have to wait until my hair back out!

I love the dotted feathers on this easy clipin feather extension from EMarieDesigns3.  I feel like I should clip them into my tresses and frolick through the woods with Bambie! Over dramatic, I know, but they are very “I am one with Nature” are they not?  I love that primal, free quality about them. (And I love that I could go climb a tree and it wouldn’t fall out!) What the seller has to say:  “..a lovely extension made up of three strands, each comprising of a gold & black spotted guinea feather, a gold turkey feather, and brown and black accenting feathers. Each suede strand is finished with coordinating beads.” Lovely.

Mystic is used to describe this long feather extension by seller FancyThatAccessories and I would have to agree.  The colors are so bright and vibrant, yet subdued by the help of the white feathers which creates a bit of mystery.  Plus, I love that these feathers are not long and skinny but puffy with their ends frayed out; almost as if someone had taken a brush to them.  It gives them a unique quality; screaming for adventure and begging to be worn in unkempt locks. To wear these you would have to be a girl ready and unafraid for any challenges that may come her way.  Up for it?

If you are ever inside and feel the need to gaze at a sunset, all you would have to do is stare at this bright orange hair extension by FlourishSalon and you will feel sufficed.   Does it not remind you of the sun in the movie poster from “Empire of the Sun?!”  I love it! Such a vibrant and powerful color! You would have to be a super confident gal to wear this extension! Fun for a night out on the town this would look great either pinned up or swimming free in your loose frocks. Would match perfectly with that dark pallet of eyeshadow from Mac you’ve been dying to wear! And yes, a mini dress would be appropriate with this, preferably worn with boots.

If you’re looking to apply your craftiness to creating your own feather hair extensions, then check out these awesome kits from TreasureImports that will help you do just that. Coming in a variety of colors to choose from, each kit comes with multiple feathers, crimping beads, application wires and a set of instructions.  You can also choose from sets depending on your hair length as TreaureImports provides not only long extensions, but short and medium as well! Yay for me since I just chopped all my hair off! You can also order party packs which come with 70 feathers, 20 beads and 20 wires.  Perfect for parties or a fun get together! (I would totally do this when for a late night of Sex and the City and Wine with my girls! How much fun would that be!) Also, if you’re more of a visual person as far as instructions go (which I am!), check out the video below I found to help you piece together your feather hair extension! Super informative!

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