Bring on the Mits!

What are the first things you grab for when you start to feel that chill of Winter?  For me, it’s my beanie, scarf and mits.  My three absolute do not walk out of the house without winter essentials.  Because if I do, I WILL regret it.  Now, granted it may not be such a horrible occurrence if I happen to forget one of these items now since I have a car and that wonderful thing called heat.  But, when I used to live in NYC, it was like forgetting to put on your pants.  That first gust of icy air would be enough to make you run all the way back up the five flights of stairs you just barreled down because, as usual, you are running late.  Trust me though, the prospect of being chilled to the bone the whole day far outweighs the probability of being late.  Needless to say I learned that lesson QUICK!

Now, as all fashion lovers know, these pieces of cloth not only play an important part in keeping are bodies toasty, but also contribute to our overall style.  To me, these three essentials should be an extension of my wardrobe, showcasing my personality as much as my vintage leather handbag and moto boots.  And why not?  Are these not items that I have to live with; items that I have to be seen in public with?  And I say to the population who have to wear suits to work, why not have fun with these items? Take the serious out of your day and dare to add a touch of humor.  I’m not saying that you have to go out and buy the most outlandish pair of mittens or even the most expensive, but just that you should purchase something that puts a smile on your face. Trust me, you’ll need that smile when you’re standing in 18 degree weather!

So, since I already took on the challenge of the scarf in one of my earlier posts this month, I thought I’d go on a search next for some unique and cheerful mittens!  Check out some of the ones I found:

Hot tea, fingerless mittens and the smell of snow; the perfect combination for a joyous winter season.  At least that’s what is conjured up when I look at this picture of Hand Knit Fingerless Gloves from Annerstreet!  Very wise marketing my fellow handmade enthusiast.  Who wouldn’t want to buy a pair of comfy tweed gloves after seeing them pictured with a hot cup of coffee? Not to mention that these gloves also have Angora running through its threads, guaranteeing  a layer of toasty warmness.  Another fun fact? You can choose from a list of 25 additional colors other than the pictured neutral beige.  Ummmm…check please!

I have always had an affinity for this type of glove! I don’t know what it is, but I think it has something to do with the fact that its multifaceted.  I can wear it either fingerless and if my hands get a bit nippy (which definitely happens more times than not!) then I have the option of covering them up!  It’s like a 2-for-1 deal and it’s great for that gal who loves both types of gloves!  A relief, huh?  One less decision that you have to make in the world! And lets face it, the less the better now-a-days.  Check out these Hand Knit Wool Gloves from MarineBi0Chic! (Comes is a range of colors)

I know, I know, more owls! But, come on, how do you not want to stick your freezing hands into these ADORABLE Knitted Wool Mittens from LaurasVeikals? Being referred to cutely as Mr. and Mrs. Owl, this pair of inseparable hooters would be a dash of extra originality on your winter outfits.  I wouldn’t be surprised if someone tried to snatch them right off your hands!  (Watch out! It might even be me!)  Favorite part about these mits?  Their unique triangular shaped finger tips and those big yellow eyes! Disgustingly cute.

Lets just get it out on the table.  The first thing I thought about when I saw these gloves was the movie Hannah.  Why, you ask?  What would make me think of such a grisly movie as Hannah? Well, just the fact that these Vintage Inspired Hand Knit Gloves from BirdaKnits are called Hannah.  And they TOTALLY look like something she would wear.  Especially since they have a stellar Swedish print (since the movie took place in some European county…right?).  I mean, just the fact that Hannah was a kick butt action-ista makes me want to buy these! Makes me feel like I can put them on and I would be endowed with all of her killer (no pun intended!) jiu jitsu, kung-fu or other crazy karate martial art!  I know, it sounds ridiculous but that’s what I think of.  Normal people would probably just be in love with the print and the fact they are 100% wool and would keep their hands warm in the middle of an arctic blizzard.  But, lets face it, I’m not exactly normal!

Yes! More Owls! You know you love it! And you’re especially going to love the fact that these Owl Mittens from SweaterScrapYard are made from recycled material.  I wouldn’t be able to explain these better than the seller could, so here’s what they say about these unique mittens: Felted wool mittens made from a brown/black wool/acrylic blend sweater and are embellished with a pair of cute little owls perched on a branch which have been hand embroidered with a running stitch around the edge and tiny black button eyes. These mittens are lined with a cotton knit lining (cozy & warm). The only thing that is “NEW” in our mittens is the thread. We recycle acrylic sweaters, fleece and cotton knit tops for the lining of our mittens. Sometimes we use buttons and, if so, they are either vintage or recycled from old clothing. Each design is unique.

Whose heart doesn’t melt when they seen accessories in animal shapes! Seriously, if these Crocheted Fox Gloves from WarmYourself came with matching hat and scarf, I wouldn’t think twice about buying them.  It’s just to adorable and really, just fun.  As adults, sometimes we take things a little too seriously.  So, it’s nice every once in a while to wear something that is lighthearted and almost childlike.  It’s almost therapeutic to tap back into that innocence; helps level you in this crazy world and reminds you that not everything has to be do or die.  Imagine the smiles you’ll get from your co-workers when you walk in with your business attire sporting these bad boys!

I know that these Upcycled Wool Sweater Mittens are very similar to the previous gloves from seller BirdaKnits, BUT I thought these were noteworthy because of their winter friendly striped pattern.  What the seller says: Felted wool mittens made from a grey/black/cream/blue striped wool/ramie blend sweater and are embellished with a pair of cute little owls perched on a branch which have been hand embroidered with a running stitch around the edge and tiny black button eyes. These mittens are lined with a soft, thick cotton knit lining (cozy & warm).

This is another favorite of mine; The Sock Monkey! I don’t know what it is, but I am drawn to it and when I see anything even remotely resembling Mr. Monkey, I jump on it.  So, I was super excited when I came across these Fingerless Sock Monkey Gloves by Tomdsue.  What a fun way to keep your hands nice and warm.  Just look at those big ears and pop out nose.  Those cute beady little eyes staring back at you as you go about your day.  It almost makes you feel guilty for not putting them on!  A definite must for the Sock Monkey lover!

What drew me to these Crochet Fingerless Gloves from TheHotchPotchShop was not just the impeccable knitting, but the rustic addition of the vintage buttons.  You know me, anything handmade and vintage have a direct line to my heart.  Put them together and I’m in heaven.  Made of 100% New Zealand Wool, these handmade gloves serve as insulation for your chilly hands.  And being that once you buy a pair of quality gloves  you want to be able to keep them for a long time, these gloves come with specific care instruction to guarantee just that.

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