Bangle, O Bangle!

We all love a great story.  Whether it be about a mermaid finding her true happiness or a heart wrenching story about a boy losing his dog; we are bound by that desire to loose ourselves to another reality.  No matter if that reality be true or false, happy or sad, we cannot help it. It’s human nature.  Which is where I now find myself; moved by a beautiful story.  A story in this case that has to do with a devoted son and his dedication to his mother’s craft.  A craft that he helped his mother with when he was a child and has now found it to be his driving passion.  Who is this man, you ask?  Who is this man that has been so profoundly inspired by his mother that he has decided to take a leap of faith and make a career of her art?  That would be Kevin, a 27 year old Atlanta resident, who, after his mother’s death a year ago, took it upon himself in 2010 to establish AnnPrimRose, a company dedicated to the buying out and selling of  high quality vintage jewelry. An Etsy based store, AnnPrimRose “provides authentic vintage jewelry that is a part of American history and culture including bangles, bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, and jewelry supplies.” My personal favorite being the beautifully preserved Lucite vintage bangles and bangle sets.  Fun and colorful, they’re enough to make me want to put on my 70’s floral day dress with my oversized floppy hat and line the length of my arms in as many shiny bangles as possible! Interesting how an accessory can inspire not only an outfit, but move one so to remember the feeling of a hot summer day or the way in which a backyard creek cooled your hot feet.  And for Kevin, AnnPrimRose, isn’t only about vintage jewelry, but it is an homage to his mother Ann, a way for him to keep her designer name going.  Much more than that, it provides an outlet for him to use the skills which his mother taught him as a young boy to create and design his own jewelry.  A skill which has suited him well as he has been fortunate enough to have sold his designs in Atlanta boutiques. An accomplishment which does not come easy to any new comer to the fashion industry and demands a round of applause! ::APPLAUSE:: And for Kevin, this journey has just begun! Concentrating on expanding his online Etsy store, I am excited to announce that Kevin will be taking it to the next level as will be launching soon! Until then, shop AnnPrimRose on Etsy and check out a couple of my personal favs from AnnPrimRose!

This 1960’s Lucite Canary Yellow Bangle is exquisite! Bright in color and shiny in effect, this fun bracelet will be sure to make any outfit you wear POP! How could you even deny how cute you would look in your summer dress and flats with this chunky bangle on your tanned wrist?! Better grab at it as this is the real thing! No plastic here! Only $8.99!

How lucky are you!? Here is a FULL SET of 1960’s Lucite Color Spectrum Bangles! So cute! And if you’re the sort of girl who likes to stack up her accessories, then these are perfect for you! Great as a gift to a young girl or fun for that hippie at heart, this set is a steal at only $19.99!

More of an earth tone sort of gal? No problem! AnnPrimRose does not discriminate! Check out these 1960’s Lucite Amber Bangles! Coming in a set of three, these bangles are perhaps my favorite seeing as I am in love with anything amber! And if you are too, then you should pick these up for only $14.99!

Another personal favorite of mine, these 1960’s Lucite Khaki Shades Bangles cover the beautiful shades of browns and yellow! Wear them all together, or separately, no matter, as they will all enhance your wardrobe! Going for only $14.99!

Ladies! Don’t forget to check out AnnPrimRose! New items added on a regular basis! Remember ladies, AnnPrimRose only sells authentic vintage jewelry! No plastic!

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