A Floral Obsession!

If you’re like me and you love clothing that is unique, fun, and speaks to your personality, then you’re going to want to check out HayRitaVintage!  A fairly new Etsy based store, HayRita began to come of age when its shop owner, a vintage lover since she could remember, found herself in Salsburg, NC shopping in an old general store only to discover some Vintage Betty Barclay dresses at her disposal! She snatched them up quick and as soon as her fingers touched the smooth delicate fabric she was hooked! As much as she loved vintage before, it was at that moment that she decided that she not only had to have it for herself, but that she wanted to sell it. To supply the masses with top quality vintage  at good cost and to help individuals fit their styles with a bit of vintage flair.  From there, it was all just a matter of going through that painstaking process of FINDING those perfect items.  But for her, this was part of the fun of it all, the discovery, the challenge.  I quote, “I realized how much fun it was to scout around estate sales and church yard sales for those impeccable pieces instead of having other people do all the searching for me.” Commendable I must say.  And in my opinion, unless your store is a coorporate company, the owners should be the ones hunkering down the responsibility of finding the product.  That is what makes vintage different. Vintage is not something that can be ordered in extreme bulk like a Gap or an Old Navy.  It cannot be labeled like mainstream American Eagle and Abercrombie and Fitch. No, it must stand on its own.  It must make the individual know that it is truly unique and by that person purchasing it that they become a part of fashion history and that part of the fashion movement that begs to break free of the monotonous style of the “brand name” clothing.  It is self expression.   Which is the exact reason why the shop owner should do the scavenging. Her store, her style, her name. Hats off to you HayRita!

Besides her will to find all of her own vintage clothing for her shop, the seller has also geared her store to uphold strong costumer service values.  Which, lets face it, in the retail industry there is nothing more important.  HayRita strives to provide her customers with unique 1930-1980’s vintage and hopes to add a bit of boldness to everyday life.  Not new to the business of customer service, HayRita has all the confidence that her shoppers will experience “prompt replies to clothing inquiries, amazing vintage finds and friendly conversation.” And I can tell you that I believe HayRita is a viable and honest vintage shop and I would, with all the confidence in the world, spend my hard earned cash on her spunky vintage.  As funny as it sounds, it was hearing her story of how her store’s name came to be that charmed me into wanting to bring my wallet out just to buy something! Apparently it was her crazy cat that helped inspire her to name her store HayRita.  Being that she always found herself yelling at her cat, Rita, to steer clear of the racks of vintage clothes as she measured and labeled her finds, she found it only appropriate to name her store after her cautious screams , “Hay Rita!!” Oh, well, of course it could have been the fact that she adores Rita Hayworth, but I find the cat story much more interesting and just plain funny!

Check out the cute outfit I made from HayRita’s floral shift dress and clipons! I love it!

ADORABLE 1960’s floral shift dress on Etsy at HayRitaVintage! I adore this dress! The pattern is so sweet and innocent and it reminds me of a warm spring day! Classy and elegant you could wear this to a formal luncheon with some pearls or for a walk in a park with your dog.  A piece of history for only $45!

Yummy butterscotch woven belt on Etsy at SkinnyandBernie! In beautiful condition, this vintage belt is made of thick soft and supple woven butterscotch yellow leather and is accented by a sturdy squared off gold tone metal buckle. Be original for only $24!

Radiant red ceramic rose CLIPONS on Etsy at HayRitaVintage!  Finally! Cute vintage clipons!! I swear I’ve been looking for them and haven’t been able to find any! And if you are in search of them check out HayRitaVintage!! These are one of my fav from her store! Match perfectly with the color and theme of dress! Feel cute for only $15!

A gorgeous vintage celluloid yellow rose in full bloom on a bobby pin on Etsy at lucylemonstand! Obviously by now you have realized that I have a secret obsession with flowers and this one is icing on the cake! And who doesn’t love a fashionable clip? A permanent rose for $8.50!

Comfortable 1970’s salmon slip-ons on Etsy at pistolpoppy! These vintage espadrilles are in great condition, size 8, and perfect for that upcoming warm weather! New wedges for only $22!

Lucylemonstand: Referring to herself as an “old magpie that lives in the trees collecting shiny things,” this Etsy seller’s specialty are her bright and colorful jewels! She strives for excellent customer service and as such constantly is updating her store! Keep checking in for her updates!

SkinnyandBernie: A Pennsylvania based Etsy store, this seller specializes in both Women’s and Men’s Vintage clothing and accessories! While this store does carry clothing, I would have to say that its strongest suit are its accessories.  This would be a great shop if  you’re in the mood to shop for belts and bags!

Pistolpoppy: An cute Etsy store that accommodates Women’s Vintage clothing and accessories! Everyone will be sure to find a piece in this store with its beautifully tailored pieces from the 40’s and 50’s  and it’s boho love from the 60’s and 70’s!

*Don’t forget to check out HayRitaVintage!!

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