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So, I was poking around the other day (naturally) and I came across a site that I can’t keep in the dark!  It’s absolutely FABULOUS!  Not only does it have amazing prizes, but the clothing is super adorable and “ready to wear.”  Not to mention that the clothing line also offers an eco-friendly, an indie-made, and a curvy plus line.  Interested?  Apparently you are if you’re still reading!  So, I’m gonna let you in on my find…the name of my new favorite women’s apparel company is Ruche.  And what makes this clothing line so amazing, besides the actual apparel, is the fact that it was created with love by a pair of lovebirds who dreamed of being able to build their own business.  As we women have come to find, sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find clothing that fits not only our personal style, but our budget. Lucky for us though, this is exactly what Mai Olivio, one of the founders of Ruche, found herself experiencing.  So she began in 2005 to buy and sell clothing that she felt fit with her personal style and through the years she and her husband Josh Olivio steadily built her business based on Ruche’s mission statement of “a modern boutique with a vintage touch.”  By 2008 Josh Olivio, who holds a degree in Computer Science and Web Developement, was able to create and since then their business has steadily been growing.  Priding themselves on customer service, they still personally answer customer emails and honor any discrepancies that may be found with their clothing.  Even more impressive and what I find most interesting about this company, is that they strive to ensure that small boutique brands and indie designers are represented in their catalogue.  Artists helping Artists…I love it!

(Find out more about the company here!)

Check out some of their fall looks:

Top: $38 Bottom: $10 Jacket: $63

Top: $41 Bottom: $29 Cardi: $63

Top: $37 Bottom: $30 Jacket: $59

Jacket: $109 Boots: $53

Top: $37 Bottom: $30 Vest: $39

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