Sunblock For Your Eyes

Living at the beach I have quickly discovered, especially since the weather has been so nice lately and I’ve been spending all my time outside, that I am in desperate need of a pair of sunglasses! Naturally you would think I would go to the corner drugstore, Walmart, or what have you and pick up a pair so my corneas won’t burn out of my eyes. But, no, I can’t do that. I just can’t go to some rando store and pick up the first $1.99 pair of specs I see ; not that there is anything wrong with that! No, let’s get serious. What kind of person would I be if all I preached was VINTAGE VINTAGE VINTAGE and RECYCLE RECYCLE RECYCLE and didn’t actually DO? I am a lot of things my friend, but a heretic isn’t one of them! 🙂 I realize that this all seems very dramatic, but it’s the truth. Also, to add to the mix, I am the kind of lady that if I own something of weight, I will NEVER loose it. However, if I own that $1.99 pair of glasses, they’re doomed to be lost to the world within a week or two. So, financially it’s just smarter for me to invest in a product that is not necessarily more expensive, but one that has some history and identity to it. Back to the original purpose of this rant though. I need specs! Bad! So, as I was shopping for some, I thought it would be fun and funny to superimpose them onto my face and see how they would look! (FYI, if u like any, below all the pics is a link section that will take you to that specific pair!)

Which one do you think I should get?!

(Links below picture!)

(click on link and you will be taken to that brands sunglasses that I loved!)

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