Studs and Lace with a Side of Rock and Roll…

I’m finding it unbearably hard not to purchase every item in the outfit I have created for you dear readers.  It’s actually hard for me to look at it because I so desperately want to sport it!  It’s like one of those times when you buy your favorite fashion magazine and as you scan each stylish page after the other you undoubtedly find those pieces that your heart just beats for.  It almost feels criminal not to desire them! So for fear that you will empty out your bank account in one swoop you toss the magazine to the farthest reaches of your apartment where you won’t be able to catch even the slightest glimmer of it.  “Out of sight, out of mind” becomes your motto as you wait for recycling day to come along.  (I know someone just gasped here at  the mention of recycling magazines that consists of such “bibles” of Vogue and Elle.  It’s okay you can keep them.  I do!)  We have all had our moments and I believe, for me, this is one of them!  Check out the outfit that I am trying to convince myself I can live without!

I am loving this Vintage 70s Taupe Crochet Mini Dress from MamaStoneVintage.   This type of dress is my ultimate favorite.  It’s quintessential Boho:  simple, light and easy.  And because of its simplicity, this dress can also be easily manipulated to fit any style.  Feeling a little dainty one day?  Pair this cut- out knit dress with a fitted jacket and your favorite pumps.  Feeling a little punky the next? Pair with leather jacket and Jeffrey Campbell platforms and you’ll be set.  Whatever the look you can be sure that you will be turning heads in this lovely piece of vintage! (Oh yeah, don’t you just love the sleeves?  So relaxed!)

Talk about avante garde!  How awesome is this Vintage 80s Draped Wool Maxi Jacket from MintMallStore? I LOVE the hood!  It’s so voluptuous and mysterious.  The whole jacket holds a bit of mystery to it; hiding whatever lays beneath its black blanket of slouched fabric.  (Feeling like a secret agent now?) Simple as it may be with its over sized cloaked hood, long sleeves and buttoned pockets there’s no end to the possibilities.  Like the dress in its shade this versatile jacket can be worn with the frilliest of dresses or the spikiest of shoes, your choice.  It’s a definite statement piece, for sure.  Plus, the fact that it’s fully lined and made of wool ensures that you will stay toasty warm on the chilliest of days.

If there is one thing that is essential to my fall/winter wardrobe it is the legging.  I cannot even begin to tell you how many leggings I have in my possession as of right now b/c my cheeks would turn bright red from embarrassment.  What can I say? They’re easy, comfortable (especially on those days when you’re not exactly fitting into your jeans if you know what I mean), match with everything and come in a multitude of colors and designs.  Why wouldn’t you love them?  Slap on a favorite dress or baggy sweater, pop on some bright tights overlaid with a sheer patterned one, zip up your favorite boots, throw on your vintage leather jacket and you’re good to go!  That took all of 7 secs and you look killer!  Have I convinced you yet?  Well if I have then you need to check out these AWESOME vintage 80s black shredded rocker leggings from HoneyMoonMuse.  So sick! Love that hard rocker look to them! These would be the perfect pair of leggings (especially when it gets colder) to put a solid colored legging underneath.  Such an interesting look!

The Roper Boot.  A definite choice favorite of mine among boots.  The worn leather, the bent fringe,  the skinny laces that go all the way up to your ankles combine together to form THE absolute style.  If it has hand punched studs? Even better. Check out these Vintage Studded Roper Boots from MetropolisNYCVintage.  They are the culmination of everything I love in a roper boot.  They’re vintage number one!  But they carry with them a tangible weight meaning when you put them on a certain persona takes over.  You walk tall.  You walk proud.  You stomp when you step and you apologize for nothing. You are complete.  And besides making you feel like the dot on an exclamation point, they’re also comfortable.  With every step you take you feel the worn leather mutate to fit the curves of your ankle.  Your toes able to take a relaxing vacation due to the unique boat shape of the boot.  MMMM…I could wear these with everything! Besides, they’re just awesome and go with any look!

MetrolpolisNYCVintage you do not disappoint! Not only do you have amazing studded boots, but you have the bags to match! Check out this rock inspired Vintage hand STUDDED leather COACH bag! Do you not swoon over it?  They go perfectly with the awesome roper boots we found! And when have you ever found yourself in a situation when you found matching shoes and bag and not been able to purchase both?  Ugh! You tug at my heart strings Metro!  You know I can’t resist the studding, but to cover a stellar vintage coach bag in them is just pure evil! You know I can’t resist!  Readers! Help! I am in dire need of stud intervention!  This bag may have just done me in!

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  • Pamela Baker

    Thanks for a great blog. As one who loves Vintage clothing and wear a lot of Vintage clothes – glad to see some new shops. Living right outside the City (NY) I always attend their Manhattan Vintage Show. I think my boys spent more on clothes than I did. One thing I found is that true Vintage clothing from 20’s-30’s-40’s is that the people were very small – thank goodness I fit into that category so am able to get some great deals!