Shopping My Vintage Closet

I know it’s still hot outside and I’m crazy to already be thinking about fall/winter, but I was looking through my wardrobe today and I couldn’t help but swoon over my vintage sweaters! I know! Sweaters! It’s 90 degrees outside!  How could I possibly even want to go near a shirt with long sleeves?  Especially one that is made out of wool! I have always been one to lean more towards the cooler months, mainly because its when I am my most creative.  I love to layer and I am my most comfortable in leggings, a big, fluffy sweater, knee high socks and boots.  When it comes to summer, I’m completely clueless! I don’t know what to do with myself.  Sure, I’ll sport a cute mini dress and platforms, but where do I go from there?  Accessories, I know, but I guess I’m just a stickler for my old leather moto jacket and Jeffrey Campbell Boots.
Besides the fact that I feel like I look boring in the summer, I also discovered as I thumbed through my closet today that I have very little summer vintage.  Shame on me, I know. Sure I have tees, but that’s really about it.  But, when it comes to fall/winter, my closet is a plethora of fabulous vintage choices! They call out to me to be worn, but it’s not in the stars yet! So, instead, I took to my merchandising skills, my awesome new IPhone app (Instagram) and my vintage and went to town creating mini outfits!  I think I may have went a bit overboard, but I was having so much fun!  Plus, I think I am clinically obsessed with Instagram…I just can’t stop taking pictures! You should totally install it on your IPhone if you have one (it’s FREE)! Enjoy my closet!

                              Miss Green:

                               Miss Blue:

                               Miss White:

                     Favorite Comfy Sweaters:

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