His and Hers Vintage Surf Summer

If you have been following me, you would probably know that I am completely in love with the beach.  And if you haven’t been following, then you now know it! I admit, it’s hard for me not to be since I only live a couple of blocks from it! The Beach has been worked into my daily routine of wake up, take the dog out, go to the beach and then go to work. I don’t even think about it half of the time! Which is why I probably also end up writing about it so much just because I am always around it! Isn’t that usually how it works? What you become accustomed to you reflect upon?  Or something along those lines! All I know is that I could sit on the beach all day with a good book and be the happiest, most relaxed person on Earth.  It’s only when I step off of it and enter into “real life” mode that I begin to get a bit stressed out about life’s usual evils (bills..etc).  But, it’s back to the beach the next day for quick cure!  And quick inspiration! Check out my 1970s surf inspired outfits for HIM and HER! (Fun 70s surf videos at the end!)


How adorable is this Vintage 70s/80s Rainbow colored tank top from VacationVintage?! I am so in love with the colors and the knitted sweater-like bottom band! Items that have that thick elastic waist add so much to a garment.  They allow you to adjust the length of your top to create different looks and the elastic band ensures a comfortable hold.   Another fun feature: criss cross spaghetti straps! Also has a built in bra! Talk about an easy day at the beach!

What girl doesn’t love her cut-offs! They’re super sexy, comfortable and go with practically everything that you have in your closet!  Plus, they will NEVER go out of style.  I wonder if Tim Gunn would agree with me that these should be a staple in every gals closet? Hmmmm..probably not! But, I think my fellow beach goers would disagree with him! Seriously, check out these Levis 505 cutoff’s from deadenim. Perfect for a hot day.  Just you, your bathing suit, the beach and your cutoffs.  And perhaps a cutey under your arm…with some really nice abs….and killer arms….with a smile that could melt the sun….Yummy.  I digress! See what these cut-offs do to me!  Between the soft, shredded denim and the hot sun I have relinquished all my woes and given myself up to the power of Summer! How I love it!

How sexy your legs would look in these Vintage 70s Platform T-Strap Mary Janes from SugarShackVintage?  If your answer is drop dead gorgeous, then you would be correct!  Cutoffs and platforms are probably one of the best style combinations.  The shorts make your legs look supermodel long and the platforms help lean out your muscles, giving you some very sexy definition.  It’s a win-win situation!  And to me, these leather platforms are a definite win! With their wooden heeled bottom, intricate black stitching and simple cut-out design they make themselves hard to resist!

Color! If it has it, I want it! Just like I want these Vintage Wayfarer Sunglasses from Gpnexxus! How awesome is that bright pink color! It POPS! And those cut out hearts on the edges? Adorable! Every outfit needs a statement piece and ladies, these sunglasses would be it.  And talk about getting noticed! I guarantee you would get stopped and asked where you got your retro specs. Especially if you’re already toting around in some really cute cut-off shorts and platforms!

Girls can surf! (Diddle playing in my head as I typed that: “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better, I Can Do Anything Better Than You!”) And yes, we can keep up with the boys! And where I live, in order to do that, you have to have a long board.  Try and surf with a short board and forget it, you’re not catching those three foot waves.  You’re just going to be wadding around like you’re in a lap pool for hours on end! Check out this Vintage long board from GeorgePerformance ladies.  7’9″ Hobie  Positive Force board from the 70s  in good condition with no deep dings. Comes with original leash! How sick is that! You could totally catch some waves on that!


The baja is a beach classic and infinite favorite of surfers and beach goers alike.  This vintage 80s baja from CairoVintage is a prime example of a real baja: long sleeved, oversized hood and belly pocket. They’re perfect for that early crisp morning surf session, late night beach stroll or those fall/winter days where all you need is your baja and shorts. And perhaps your dog, too.  They range in a multitude of colors; thick threads tightly woven together, overlapping and blending to create the overall look of the garment.  A bit stiff until worn in they blanket you in a warm sheath, guarding your bare skin from any gust of wind blown in by the sea.  All in all, an essential garment for the beloved beach bum.

As a chick, I would undoubtedly sport these Vintage 70s Lee Shorts from Lethilogica.  I would pair it with my vintage tees and be on my way.  For you guys, I think you MIGHT look just as cute as I would in them. 🙂 I’m kidding, you would look totally awesome sporting these to the beach on your way to a surd session.  Besides being in good condition, these shorts are actually corduroy which tends to be very comfortable.  You could even wear them in the cooler months since corduroy tends to be a bit heavier than denim, providing you with a bit of warmth.  Wear with your favorite tee or vintage button down…or maybe, with nothing at all….

Yes, these Vintage Sneakers from Whatsnewonthemantel are purple (my favorite color!). But I’m telling you guys, they are kick ass! So sick! And I love a guy that isn’t afraid to sport color.  Especially those that are branded as “girl” colors. It tells me how confident and creative the guy really is.  A  total individual who isn’t afraid to have some style.  Seriously guys, girls don’t want to have to dress you.  We have enough to worry about with ourselves and you having style just makes our lives a whole lot easier! So, let your personality shine and your outfit pop! Invest in some color and maybe we’ll actually be interested.

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