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I have recently decided that I have an inappropriate obsession with stamps. I love them. I want to put them on everything and  I’m sure if I could I would design some sort of crazy contraption that I could transfer my handwriting to and stamp for the rest of my writing life! I know, it’s that serious.  But, it’s not my fault! It’s the wedding! All I can think of is crafting and thinking of fun and unique ways to create all of the “little things.” A.k.a Save the Dates, Invitations, Placecards, yada yada yada!  The one I’m working most diligently on now is my Save the Dates. For the past couple of weeks I have been avidly searching in stores and on Etsy for the PERFECT stamps to cover my Kraft paper envelopes.  Finally after hours of painstaking research and tear you heart out decisions I FINALLY found stamps on Etsy that I loved.  Well, I found dozens that I loved, but I had to choose just one! Check out some of the shops I found along the way and see what stamps I went with!

Ampersandity What drew me to this amazing shop?  The adorable “to” stamp with package tape! So cute and perfect for any occasion envelope (especially a rustic wedding!).  Seriously, I almost bought this stamp for my Save the Date envelopes, BUT I needed it a bit sooner than could be arranged.  ANYWAY!  You would not believe how difficult it was to find a shop that had already designed “deliver to” stamps.  And this was after I already shopped around some of your usual craft big box stores.  I guess you could buy a “t” and an “o,” place them side by side, draw some lines for the address and call it a day, but who wants to do that! Why not buy a fun stamp and cut the work in half! Ampersandity offers you just that and is one of the only shops on Etsy that carries these pre-made “to” stamps.  You can choose from a few styles, all rustic in design and there is even a Christmas “to” stamp!  How cute would that be on your handmade Christmas Card! Order early though because these handmade stamps take  a couple of weeks to carve and ship.  Besides the “to” stamps, Ampersandity also carries some beautifully hand carved address stamps.  Quirky, original and rustic the address stamps come in unique designs and prints.  Oh the prints!  They’re precise, unique, fun and 100% custom! Trust me, if you like things that have a vintage feel to them, you will love these stamps! Something to keep in mind about this shop: Custom orders are welcome and the owner is happy to work with you to meet your specific design needs.  Check them out!

http://img0.etsystatic.com/iusb_760x100.8396028.jpg There is only one word to describe this shop…ADORABLE! Seriously, check Cupcake Tree out and you will see what I mean.  Olga, store owner, has made the shopping easy for you; creating equally cute categories to match her sweet handmade stamps.  Animal stamps (owls!), food stamps, teacher stamps, you name it, she has it!  The cutest category? MINI STAMPS! You will seriously grab your heart and gasp when you see these mini-me stamps.  It’s not just their size that makes them so irresistible, but it’s what Olga does with them that makes you say,”Now that’s different.” Check out this mini-stamp set and you will see what I mean: Mini Cupcake Set.  If you don’t want to buy that just to play with it, then you may want to get your heart checked!  But besides Olga’s fun handmade stamps shaped in simple, joyful shapes, Olga can also make custom stamps.  A fact that I know to be very true because she made one for me!  Like I mentioned before, I was in a desperate search for a “to” stamp and could not find one that I could get shipped ASAP.  So, I asked Olga to carve one for me and she so generously did AND she did it EXACTLY how I wanted it! And talk about fast! Oh my goodness, I received my proof the same day and Olga had it carved and shipped within a day and a half and I got in the mail within 3 days.  You know if you are a bride or have been one, time is of the essence. So the faster, the better!  How did I find out about this awesome shop? Funny you should ask! Olga actually helped me with my Save the Dates.  Coordinating with another seller, MonkeysontheRoof, a shop that crafts tree stump magnet Save the Dates, Olga created a personalized stamp for my fiance and I to go on our tree stump magnets.  I just got them in the mail last week and let me tell you, I was beyond ecstatic and I am so excited to send them out!  Bottom line is, you need to check this shop out.  Olga is super nice and will work with you on anything you need.  And lets face it, what can this woman not do with stamps!  Happy shopping 🙂  [Check out the end of this post for pics of my stamps and Save the Dates!]

Savethedate Savethedate is another shop, like Ampersandity, that specializes in  lovely self-inking and wood handle address stamps.  They were actually the first shop that caught my eye when I was searching for address stamps for my Save the Dates mainly because I loved their designs.  They’re not especially grand or anything, but their simplicity is utterly adorable and the print is the main attraction. If you are like me and like that vintage look that exists with typewriter print, rigid lines and simple shapes, then you will know what I mean when you view the stamps.  Understated and unique, I had a ridiculously hard time choosing what stamp design I wanted.  There were just to many that I would of been happy with and that would fit with my vintage theme wedding.  Not only that, but my Kraft paper envelopes (which I also got off of Etsy)! So in my desperation, I actually brought my fiance in and asked him what his favorite was! And would you know it,  I ended up buying the one he liked!  Go figure.  Then from there I designed my “to” stamp which Savethedate also custom designed for me! (I know, I have two “to” stamps! I wanted a bigger one and a smaller one. What gives! I’m a bride, I can do what I want! Hehe..) Tiffany, one of the store owners, was unbelievably patient with me considering I changed the design like 50 times and she had to keep proofing it! But, she was super fast about it and when all my stamps were finalized and carved, she had them shipped and I had them within a week.  Which, I was surprised about because I was under the impression that it was going to take longer!  I did mention a few million times I needed them ASAP, so Tiffany may have pushed it through faster, but either way, I am a satisfied customer.  The best part is that my stamps look exactly like the product shown on Etsy and how I proofed it was how it was handcrafted.  And talk about quality! Fabulous! I’ve never had a self-inking stamp before and it is so addictive!  I highly recommend taking a gander at Savethedate if you are in the market for address stamps! [Check out my stamps below]

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