Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree!

I would have to say that my favorite part of Christmas is the decorating!  And not just any kind of holiday decorating, but Christmas Tree decorating! Ever since I was a kid this was the one thing that I looked forward to.  Sure, I can’t deny that the presents were a nice little bonus, but for me, Christmas was about the Tree.  It was about the family trip to Boone (which we still take) to a Christmas Tree farm to find the perfect tree.  It was about the chopping of the tree, the hot cider drunk to battle the cold and the excitement of the hayride up and down the mountains.  It was the reward that at the end of our trip we would get home, place the tree in its appointed Christmas corner and wait in anticipation as the tree slowly settled its prickly limbs.  The smell of pine permeated the entire house and even today when I smell pine, I think of Home, of Family and of heartfelt Christmas memories.  I swear I would walk in out of the room where our tree was held just to get whiffs of the mountain pine. 

Finally after staring at the tree for days, waiting for it to be ready I would be able to help my mom decorate it.  And my mom wasn’t the sort of mom who was super particular about decorating and she didn’t try and make it all Martha Stewart like.  The Tree was filled with mismatched Christmas balls and handmade ornaments.  It was about the fun of creating and the joy of being with the ones you loved the most.  And it’s still about this.  Now I have all the ornaments my mom purchased for me every year I have been on this Earth.  And she’s still buying them! (Hopefully for a long time too if you know what I mean!)  Somehow I manage to make sure that every one of them have a place on my tree.  Imagine what it will look like in 20 years! Not to mention that I also like to buy ornaments myself! Yikes! I might need to buy a bigger tree just to fit all of them! But, I would if they were like some of these amazing vintage ones I found:

The first thing that caught my eye about this colorful Vintage Polish Ornament from TheBeesKneesPlease was the word “Dreamcatcher” in its description.  I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid I was enamored with dreamcatchers!  From the first time my mom told me the story behind the dreamcatcher I was hooked. I actually had one above my bed to “catch” all my nightmares!  And I would love to add this beautiful feather “dreamcatcher” to my Christmas Tree! It might not rid bad dreams, but it would defiantly add some glitter and shine! (BTW this shop has 15% off discount code! Check it out!)

Vintage AND Handmade? You’ve stolen my heart you gorgeous Cranberry Christmas Ornament you!  Hand blown to perfection, this vintage ornament from MsTookesMuzes is hand painted in 24 K Gold Leaf in traditional Christmas design. With no scratches or cracks, this fine piece of Christmas Cheer would make a delightful addition to your Xmas collection!

I have to say that I love satin covered ornaments.  Not only do they have a smooth shine to them, but I can’t break them!  And if you knew me, you would know that one quality would be a major selling point for me! I’ve broken at least two ornaments every Christmas since I’ve had my own tree.  I’m just super clumsy! But, this handmade lace ornament with snowflake design (which I adore!) from SnappyTatter would not be in danger of my slippery fingers! Check out the sellers site to find out what this limited edition ball is made of!  You won’t believe the quality and care put into this little guy.  You could even gift it if you wanted!

So I know that when you usually think of ornaments you automatically think of the traditional Christmas ball.  But, what about the other nontraditional ornaments?  Like this vintage Lucite Snowman Ornament from OceanSideCastle.  How could you not want this adorable snowman on your tree?  He’s so jolly with his striped scarf and cocked hat!  Makes me think of Frosty actually!  Ornaments like these add such a unique feel to your Christmas Tree and are super fun to decorate with.  Plus, they’re great conversation starters!

Ummm..this is probably one of the coolest things that I’ve stumbled upon lately! Vintage Crocheted Christmas Ornament Covers from Padurns.  How did I not know about these goodies sooner?  Take any old Christmas Ball, slip on the patterned cover and VALAH! you have a brand new ornament.  Pretty neat huh?  We have coozies and covers for all sorts of things, why not ornaments?  Such a fun idea!  Thanks 1980s!

Satin AND Beads, oh my!  Unbreakable and refreshingly original.  You know I love it. These beautifully crafted Satin and Velvet Vintage Ornaments from MellowMermaid are in pristine condition.  Beaded by hand these ornaments would look beautiful not only on your tree, but even on display on your dining table or hung around the house.  They would actually be really pretty on a wreath interweaved with gold ribbon. I would defiantly be proud to hang that outside my house! What would you do with them?

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  • Pitts

    Couldn’t agree more with your post about the tree! We have started our family collection of ornaments that date back to our first tree where we handmade ornaments that are barely hanging on. I love that when we decorate almost each one has a story. Although, it takes longer and longer and (therefore more wine) to put up the tree because every ornament has a story that must be told each year, it truly brings out the meaning of the season…to celebrate the ones you love, the ones you lost and the time you have with those you have near by now matter how small, slight or quick those moments are. Because even though at the time that small 1.99 ornament might not mean anything now, in 5, 10, 15 and even 20 years down the road that ornament can be priceless. Wish you a very happy, merry and wonderful Christmas.

  • Lori Goldwag

    Thanks so much for this post. I’m a Christmas ornament junkie, too. Each year I pull out the boxes of decorations, thinking I should trim the fat, but can’t seem to part with my old friends. This year I have 3 trees. One with my childhood ornaments from the 60’s & 70’s. One with handmade ornaments. And finally, the family tree jam packed with a little bit of everything! Merry Christmas!