A Vintage Coach Dream…

Sometimes I find it hard to fabricate exciting blog ideas out of thin air.  It happens once every couple of weeks, that infallible on set of the dreaded Writer’s Block, and I have to find a way to muddle through.  One of the things I have found extremely helpful is my daily checkup on my favorite fashion blogs.  I can get a sense of what people are writing about and finding interesting in their daily lives and as such inspires me to write almost in a reaction to their posts.  For example, I am coming out of a dreadful bout of Writer’s Block and my imagination was jumbled free by the ever fashionable Jennine of the infamous blog, TheCoveted.  As I was proceeding through my usual daily reads, I happened to stumble across a fun post that she had written about a fun adventure to the Coach store in NY for a Coach Fall Preview Party.  Now, I’m not one to go out and buy a $300 Coach bag, but that’s not to say that I don’t find them beautiful.  And in thinking about Coach and designer bags in general I thought to myself, why couldn’t I own a Coach bag?  Who says that it had to be new or that it even has to be last season? Why not vintage? Eureka! Why not sniff out some affordable vintage Coach bags!? If they are as durable and high quality as they are made out to be, then shouldn’t I be able to sniff some out from 20yrs ago that still had another 20 to go?  I think so!  Writer’s Block crushed! Thanks Jennine!

Now Then

This Vintage Coach Crossbody Purse from SummerTurbanVintage is perhaps constructed in one of my favorite shapes.  A simple, nothing fancy, delicious leather pouch that I can easily throw over my shoulder and get on with my day.  Who wants to fuss with excess when they have a busy schedule! Not me! What the seller has to say: This vintage Coach purse is a caramel shade of brown leather. It opens and closes with a seashell flap and has a magnetic closure. The purse contains an interior zipper compartment, another interior compartment, and an exterior pocket. Purse has authentic Coach markings with a serial number and a Coach embossed tag on the strap. Excellent Vintage condition.

I’m sure you can guess what drew me to this amazing Vintage Coach Bag from AnxiouslyRed.  If you answered GREEN, then you are correct! I love the dark green leather used to create this sheek, everyday crossbody bag.  It’s not a color that you see used a lot now-a-days or even when it was in actual retail circulation.  Sure, there is the black, the brown, the whites, but the greens? I think not! What the seller says: Vintage Coach dark green leather cross body bag. The handbag is in good vintage shape with some wear to leather. The handbag has two exterior pockets and an interior pocket with a zipper. The hardware is brass. The Handbag has a Coach label on the outside and interior with a serial number.

I don’t think I need to tell you how amazing and totally unique this Vintage Coach Messenger Bag is from SwagJuice! Who wouldn’t want to travel with such an absolutely stunning piece of vintage that would defiantly set your luggage apart.  Just thinking about the leather, soft, worn and sturdy, with that distinct musty hide smell,  makes me want to charge my “in case of emergency” credit card! It’s just so pretty! What the seller says: This authentic Coach briefcase/messenger bag is perfectly worn in and guaranteed by Coach to last a lifetime. The large center compartment is perfect for any size laptop and has two inner pouches, this compartment is secured with a zipper. There are two slip pouches on both sides of the bag. The bag shows some wear, and still looks great. There is a semi-deep scratch on the inside of the bag, I have included a picture of this. There is some various minor signs of wear about the bag. A great bag!!

Then Now

I’m not lying when I say that I used to sell bags in the store that I managed that looked EXACTLY like this Vintage Coach Satchel from MouseTrapVintage.  So, tell me, what would you rather spend your money on?  A replica that will last you no more than a year or the real vintage deal that will last you a good 20 years?  I vote vintage, but that’s just me! What the seller says: Vintage c. 1970s-80s. Authentic Coach station satchel in inky black cowhide. Signature Brass hardware and turnlock closure on the front flap (My fav. feature!). Detachable skinny crossbody/shoulder strap and short handle. Stamped on the interior slip pocket with Coach creed.

In need of a small, park friendly, movie friendly handbag?  Look no further my friend as this chocolate brown Vintage Coach Clutch from BabetteMode is just what you are searching for!  This genuine brown leather handbag is perfect for those days when all you need is your lip balm, cell and wallet.  Adorable and handy, this bag will match perfectly with anything in your wardrobe, or perhaps, whatever personality you choose to wear that day! What the seller says: Classic, Sophisticated, and very useful. This handbag has a clean distressed exterior with some tonal changes. The bag does have some very light water marks towards the bottom of the bag. (scratching, indentations throughout). Nothing that affects the integrity of the bag. A good wipe down with some leather conditioner will remedy most of the superficial scratching, but I actually like the distressed look. The tonal changes give this bag character and story. The interior self lining is clean. Shoulder strap is detachable.

I haven’t been one to sport the bookbag look, except when I was in college, but I have to say that I am re-considering after finding this unique tan Vintage Coach Sling Purse from FeatherHeartFlower. I adore the unique design with its solitary pocket, slender, upright construction and multi-use handle. From travel to the everyday, this vintage Coach has a million and one uses and to me, will never go out of style. What the seller says: This lovely serial number H5B-9992 features supple traditional coach rich tan leather, brass hardware, a roomy interior, an inside pockets, an exterior pocket with a brass toggle closure, adjustable backpack shoulder straps, coach key tag, a handbag handle and a solid soft leather sheen. The purse does have mild wear and tear which includes a pen mark on the front pocket flap of the purse and multiple light scratches throughout the bag as commonly seen on this type of thick leather. The bag is priced according to it’s condition and ultimately, although the bag does have wear and tear, it adds to the worn vintage charm of it and the purse has many many great years left.

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