A Necessary Accessory: A Fab Vintage Bag!

OK ladies! Now I never usually dedicate a post to solely just one boutique, unless reviewing!, but I couldn’t help myself on this one!!  There was just to many cute things at this boutique that to just tweet about it would not do it justice!  To kill your anxiety- I was shopping around early on Etsy to find some amazing vintage sellers and I stumbled upon Thrush Vintage! A Milwaukee based seller, Thrush’s store is filled with adorable boho and mod vintage!  Besides the cute dresses, this store has another enchanting element to it that I fell completely in love with! ACCESSORIES! :Warm cuddly feeling: One of the more fun elements of fashion and a defining staple of one’s look! And perhaps one of my favorite accessory add-ons are….drum roll please…..BAGS! Yummy! They’re enough to make you swoon! The smooth leather against your shoulder, the aroma of your mothers boho satchel. I mean what is more definate of one’s self than a bag? Big bag, heavy traveler, a girl who’s ready for anything or perhaps is a bag pack rat! Small, petite shoulder purse, low maintenance.  Woven or cloth bag, perhaps a free spirited boho.  Studded fringe in any shade of dark, a rocker, and perhaps a but on the side of obstinate!  Take a look around you next time you happen to be out! You might be surprised at what you find!  And while we are on the subject of bags, here are some sweet vintage finds from Thrush!

This adorable 1950’s embroidered tapestry purse is a cream colored fabric with multicolored embroidery of feminine florals. With  one large interior pocket, this wooden handled handbag is in mint condition with very little visible wear! Going for $49 this little purse is a steal!

I am in love with this fringe 1960’s suede purse!  How amazing and unique is this! Originally designed as a gun accessories bag, this straped bag is super roomy and in good condition! Going for $68 how can you resist?!

How cute would you look around town with this 1960’s leather satchel bag? Wear to work or wear it out around town, it works both ways! Reminds me of a bag my mom used to have! With tons of interior pockets and with only a bit of loose stitching on the interior, this silky smooth bag is going for $44!

I have to say that the 40’s is one of my favorite fashion eras! So you can imagine my excitement when my eyes peered upon this soft plaid knitting bag from the 40’s! Who cares if it was meant for knitting, that just means more room for all my stuff! And while this wooden handled bag is going for a bit more at $86, I still think it is worth it!