A Collection Of Vintage Superstars

Check out some of these amazing vintage shops that I just can’t get enough of!

Adorevintage.com is an online vintage clothing store based in Los Angeles, California. Our shop carries vintage from the 1900s to the 1980s with select vintage inspired clothing and accessories.” Ahhh…so much said with so little words…But none which help evoke the truly magnificent creature that is Adore Vintage.  Maybe that’s their angle, underplay themselves so their customer isn’t intimidated and is made to feel as if they have stumbled onto a secret golden treasure.  That’s how I feel at least as I am clicking through their vast collection of vintage drobe; like a kid who has just found the last piece of succulent chocolate at the bottom of a barrel.  The word NEXT screams out to me as I glide my mouse over it, brightly stinging my eyes as it breathes life and I am faced with the knowledge that the next page is better than the last.  How giddy it makes me!  To see an abundance of prime vintage, effeminate, pristine and delicate, dashed with era-specific prints or trimmed in silky antique laces fills me with a giddy, guilty pleasure and a sudden attack of the giggles! It’s all so beautiful at Adore Vintage; from the dainty dresses to the button down maxi skirts to the period jewelry that appears to be just taken out of the package.  It’s crisp, lovely and surprisingly modern.  Their vintage makes you desire to feel sexy and sophisticated;  it speaks to the part of you that wants to get all gussied up just for the thrill of feeling beautiful.  And that is what is so amazing about this understated shop: It appeals to the WOMAN in you.

Silent Sundays is a fairly new find of mine.  I actually stumbled across it as I was searching for new shops on Twitter, or was it Facebook?, to covet.  Not that I get bored of the shops I follow now, but it’s always nice to see what else is lurking out there in the cyber world of vintage.  Silent Sundays is actually a collaboration between designer apparel and vintage.  One part of the shop caters to “selling new independent designer pieces from around the world and vintage finds from the American south.” How did it get it start? I let the owners tell you, they say it better than I could: “It was born when two friends and collaborators out of Georgia were preparing for a shoot and began dreaming up an online store full of the things they liked best: timeless vintage pieces, romantic dresses, hard-to-find clothing from favorite international lines, all carefully curated and wrapped up in dreamy photography and simple styling. Silent Sundays’ name is a nod to the silent movies of the past; our clothes are meant for day-trips, simple adventures, and lazy Sundays.” How cool is that? It just fills you with warmth as you read it!  And that’s what this store is, warm.  Every piece is carefully selected to fit in with their mission statement. The love and passion for what they do is evident in the careful and precise styling of their outfits and the way in which all of their pieces meld together.  While their collections might not be extensive, the items that they do have create a very cohesive and stimulating collection. You can understand who these fashion lovers are and what sort of people they must be.  Carefree, down to earth and relaxed.  An exact replica of their adorable clothing.

How happy am I that TellTaleHearts stopped by my Facebook Page and said Hi! I am totally in love with this vintage cyber shop!  It’s a unique store filled with genuine one-of-a-kind vintage.  You could easily fill your entire wardrobe from TellTale without breaking a sweat buying both for work and play.  TellTale is stocked to the brim with print filled secretary dresses and casual down to earth tops! And if you love color, this is definitely the place for you! TellTale provides its customers with bold prints and bright colors; perfect for the highly spirited gal who loves to have fun!  And you can tell the owners of this shop are just that sort of lady by their choice of head turning, conversation pieces!  Who wouldn’t want to shop a store that glorifies that gushing feeling of overwhelming childhood joy! Another awesome part about this shop that I love…The Specs.  TellTale has a superb collection of sunglasses from the 70s, 80s and 90s.  All in mint, ready to wear condition!  I don’t know how I would be able to choose just one!  Read a little bit more about the ladies from TellTale and how they came to be here!

I know what I am about to say you’ve heard before in reference to other stores, but it rings ultimately true in this case.  BLACK PYRAMID IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOPS. Without question in reigns in at the upper crust of my top five go-to vintage shops.  Why the adoration?  Well, in short BP is just awesome! No, let me be serious.  Black Pyramid is the kind of shop that you can go to and purchase some of the most authentic, well-conditioned vintage from the 70s, 80s and 90s.  A bit o the edgier side of vintage, they cater to the girl who isn’t afraid to wear a complete head to toe black outfit, complete with a crushed velvet boho top, skin tight leather pants, fringe shoulder bag and a pair of platforms that would make Lady Gaga a bit queasy.  And if it’s a bit cold outside, pair it with one of BP’s delectable studded leather jackets for which I’m sure will make your friends uber jealous! And yes, if you’re wondering, this shop does have items that aren’t black. I just tend to lean towards that moto look! BP does carry some “sweet” items; your carefree 70s maxi dresses, you’re floral printed tops, but all in all BP is for the girl who is a bit on the wild side.  A girl who isn’t afraid to make a statement, who isn’t scared to take a risk and who doesn’t wait for Fate to determine her path, but makes one for herself.   Are you a BP girl?  Read more about how Black Pyramid came to be here.

Adorable and Fun.  Two words that describe the vintage that is The Stellar Boutique.  “The Stellar Boutique was created out of a love for all things original and authentic.” It provides its customers with not only unique vintage clothing and accessories, but also with both vintage and new home goods.  And while I find the home goods charming, I definitely tend to stray towards the vintage clothing and accessories which she has so expertly separated into decades for me!  Her strength: Vintage bags.  If you are in the market for a great vintage bag, then you should definitely check Stellar out.  Especially if you love leather, fringe and studs! Which I definitely do! Another thing I love about Stellar: The Rings.  Huge, beautiful chunks of stone in silver just begging to be bought! It’s seriously hard to resist!  Check out more about Stellar here.

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