1940s Glamour Wedding

As my family and friends are starting to give their commitment vows this year, it goes without say that I have been thinking about my own wedding.  Not that it is happening any time soon, but it’s still fun to think about what you want your wedding to be.  And from what I have been seeing from my friends weddings, the sooner you start to plan, the better! Knowing that I want to have a vintage inspired wedding, I thought it would be fun to do a post about just that! When I think about what era I would want to portray I can’t help go back to the glamorous days of the 40s, with long gowns, red lips, and movie star quality weddings. It could just be a figment of my imagination or perhaps just a dream from a movie I’ve seen, but the style of the 40s, with its luxurious silks and mysterious laced birdcage veils, defines what I would want my wedding garb to be reminiscent of. Check out what I found:

My heart stopped when I scrolled over this Stunning Vintage 1940s Satin Wedding Gown from The Trousseau. I am in total awe of its glamorous magnificence. Its elegant ivory satin will be sure to shine in wedding candlelight and as you graceful drift among your guests you will appear as royalty thanks to the lovely draped neckline.  I can imagine how beautiful (and sexy) you would feel as every curve of your body would be held snug.  A good thing to know about this dress: Thanks to its sturdy material, which is a tribute to vintage seamstresses, this dress will handle alterations extremely well.

I know that Brides now like to mix and match a bit to add some flair to their wedding, but in the 40s and in some of the more conventional weddings now, the thing is to match all the accessories you are wearing to your dress.  Which, I have to say I do like, but I also love when I see a bride dressed in white with a nice pop of color in her hair or on a ribbon around her waist.  That said, I found these amazing Vintage 1940s Wedding Shoes from BohemianBisoux that would match our gown perfectly.  Not only are they an ivory, but they are satin which makes for a seamless transition from head to toe. So if our bride shoes her feet it will look like an extension of her dress! I love that they are a sandal pump because to me, the less the shoe, the less distracting! Some condition to-knows: “The leather soles of these shoes are in beautiful, almost pristine condition. The satin on the outside has some scuffing & marks & there is a bit of glue visible at the toe box. All rhinestones are intact (though 3 are a tad tarnished).”

If I have any kind of head piece when I get married, I want something exactly like this handmade Birdcage Veil from Santanica! I have always loved this style of veil because they are so mysterious and bold and in line with that 1940’s fashion glamor that I love so much. They bring attention to the eyes, especially dark ones, when you peer through the angelic cream lace of the veil. Understated and beautiful this is perfect for any gown, especially the one picked for this post!  What the maker has to say: “It has a hand blocked buckram base that is covered in a lush cream velvet. I have carefully sculpted a rose with a crystal center and feathers and attached a half veil with beautiful crystal details. A crystal clear comb holds it in place perfectly.

Who doesn’t love to add a little sparkle to their outfit?! And what better way to do that than with an adorable clutch! This Vintage 1940’s Sequin Evening bag from HuzzahVintage adds the perfect pop for our vintage wedding gown! I love the beautiful cream color of this bag and adore the tiny snow white sequins used to cover the entire material.  The designer of this bag did a lovely job of making the sequins have a seamless transition from one portion of fabric to the other. Otherwise, it could of came out as an eye sore!

I need a minute here so I can catch my breath! ::Minute:: I am awe-struck and speechless when it comes to this Vintage 1940’s Diamond Engagement Ring from VintageJunkGypsy It’s simply gorgeous and I’ve never seen a ring with this starburst shape to it and I absolutely love it! So much that I told my boyfriend about it and essentially dropped a hint that this was the kind of ring I wanted! It’s a truly a captivating one-of-a-kind beauty. Some details: “Vintage estate TRUBRITE brand ring has one 4.2mm or .30 round center diamond and twenty 1.7mm or .02 each round diamonds for a total carat weight of .70*. The diamonds are set in a swirl design in a 14K white gold mounting. The ring weighs 3.6gm, and is a resizeable 7.75.

I thought to match the engagement ring, since it is so detailed, it would be best to find a wedding ring which did not try and compete with it. So, I stumbled upon this simple Vintage Platinum Wedding Ring from AddysVintage that would fit like charm when paired with our elaborate engagement ring.  I don’t particularily like it when I see a bride with two overly embellished rings because I feel like the two begin to oppose eachother and you loose the beauty of the adjoining jewels.  So, with something more simple you gain a flawless and lovely presentation. What the seller says: “Pretty WW II era wedding band. The inside is hallmarked Platinum. It is also engraved with the couple’s initials and a date, M.A.M to R.G. 4-13-43. The ring is plain on the outside, semi-domed, and is slightly multi-faceted.

Check out this fun video I found that features images of vintage brides and weddings!

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